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You will not believe how my first makeover client showed up…

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You will not believe how my first makeover client showed up…

I have now been in business full-time for over 4 years, but when I first started out it was with my styling business. You will not believe how I got my first makeover client. I am shocked myself because the only way now a days, seems to be to get clients online and use facebook ads etc. well it’s not. Read on if you want to know how I got her on board.

My first fashion blog I started back in 2007 after I got my first daughter. I was so inspired when I saw that Swedish girls made money from blogging and styling and I wanted to do the same. I deleted that blog, made another one, delete that too and then I started ( that is now an online magazine) along with another friend. After I while she left and I kept going. In 2010 I applied for my business form. Now I had I real business and I could start to make money.

In the beginning I wrote for a local newspaper, did styling shoots, makeover days etc and then after a while I started to set my business up with more services like personal shopping, makeover days, makeup sessions etc.

You might think that my first makeover client found me on my website?! She did not. She found me……on Yellow Pages online. You see, when you set your business up you have to set it up with a name, phone number that will go into a system where people can search for people like me STYLIST. And she did, she called me up and bought a makeover day for mother.

So you see that to get your first client can happen very natural for you. If you have set your business up and you know what you have to sell and you know that you are being YOU 100%, then clients will find you. You are special in the way you are. You don’t need to go out and look for them, they will find you.

Now go do the damn work to set up this business, hire a mentor and be willing to dream bigger than big. My first dreams was to become a stylite, then a makeup artist, then a author, then coach, online entrepreneur. Whatever it is that you want, don’t limit yourself. Be brave and go for all your dreams. There is enough clients and money for everyone, including me and you.


PS: Need my help to kick your ass into action mode to set up your business? Sign up for a FREE 30 minutes Strategy Session with me here.

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