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A ‘Plan B’ Side Income Idea That Could Score You A Brand New Boat For FREE!

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Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

So how have things been going for you since we (virtually) spoke last anyway?

Had any more thoughts on how to make a little extra each month?

Sometimes just a little extra per month coming in can pay for the mortgage or even a very nice holiday somewhere hot and exotic, as well as paying those monthly bills that somehow seem to just get bigger each month (ask me about our last electricity bill, with the air-con being the main culprit)!

Anyway, having an extra income stream of your own can only help with all that can’t it?

That’s why I like to share ideas with you on various ways you can create that ‘Plan B’ side income for yourself.

How about a way to make a nice little (or big) side income from something that you buy, then sell on, but still get to keep!

Now, I could be talking about maybe a digital PLR (Private Label Rights) product, like an ebook, that you buy and can then sell on to as many others as many times as you want. That’s a good model.

It’s not that though.

What I’m talking about here is the huge and relatively ‘easy to get into’ opportunity that is….

….Becoming a provider of rented goods!

Seriously, this is a doddle to get into, as well as something that can be started relatively quickly too.

It is also something that could easily be started from your own home, with no need to rent premises etc, until you really need to, or want to.

Baby Stuff Hire! — There was a little advert on local TV here last night for a new service called ‘Borrow Our Baby Stuff!’ (or something like that).

Now, that’s not a unique idea, but the demand can be amazing, so there is likely to be room for more than one provider of a service like that in any given area.

For example, we have friends coming over to the island this weekend and they have an 18 month old little girl. They need a travel cot and don’t want to lug their own over here. The answer? Hire one for the day!

Like any holiday destination, people are traveling and need things like cots, pushchairs, car safety seats, stair guards, high chairs and all kinds of other baby paraphernalia.

It’s a little gold mine.

Think outside the square a bit and you could partner up with hotels, B&B’s, holiday apartment owners etc, (They have the holiday makers and you have what a lot of those holiday makers need). Just let the B&B owners etc know of your service, so they have someone to tell their customers about when they need something.

You only need to invest in a few such items to get started and you can even buy very good quality second hand baby stuff (always plenty advertised in the local papers) that the owners child has just grown out of, for bargain prices.

You own them, get paid for them EVERY TIME someone rents them out and still get to keep them.

Or what about (if you’re a bit more adventurous)….

Camper Van Hire! — Here in Australia it is big business to hire out camper vans to students and backpackers looking for cheap accommodation and travel.

Usually these camper vans, might be discarded as unsaleable, BUT they cost very little exactly because they are beat up old things with poor bodywork, but can be sprayed in various colorful slogans etc, that appeal to the renters and are nevertheless mechanically sound.

Now I do know that you need to think about their insurance (that the customer pays for anyway), also public liability insurance and things like that, but it’s NOT hard to sort out and I also know that very good money is being made here and with a ready audience too.

Or what about….

Tool Hire! — Now, your first thought here might be that you could never compete with the likes of the national tool hire outlets. However, think again!

The fact is that they have very big overheads and staff to pay etc, whereas you don’t. You can easily compete on price and even advertise that you are much cheaper than the national tool hire outlets too.

Or you could simply specialize in one area. Like lawnmower hire, or decorating tool hire, or trailer hire, or scaffolding hire, or just ladder hire.

Think about it like this:- Many people, for example have a need for tall ladders just now and again and find them too expensive to buy.

Sometimes people need a trailer to move something but (of course) don’t want to have to buy one.

Or what about boat hire?

Fancy a boat, or a trailer, or a set of tall ladders for yourself? Then why not buy it and rent it out until the purchase cost is all covered for you?

That way you get other people to cover the whole cost of purchase for you AND you get a FREE boat. Or whatever?

The hire or rental business has many benefits for someone looking for a good ‘Plan B’ or side income.

Set up costs can be kept very reasonable as well. Plus you can operate from your own home in most cases too.

Make sure you investigate things like insurance and any legal requirements etc, but these are just things that are very easy to look into and find out about, so don’t let any small obstacles get in your way.

Just decide what it is you could rent out and get your idea off the ground and ….. get going!

Have a think about it, do a bit of brainstorming for ideas and see what you come up with.

Could be fun and a great way to get a new boat without the missus moaning about the cost!

Or, girls, you could start a high class dress hire rental business and you’d get to wear flash designer dresses without hubby whinging about the expense — LOL

All good fun!

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