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Money Saving Tricks for People who Love to Travel – Anand Mehra – Medium

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There is a popular saying in Hindi “Aishkarnekeliye cash chahiye” (You need cash to enjoy and have a lavish lifestyle) which is not completely wrong. People often believe that in order to travel across the world, you need loads of money. It is true that traveling is an expensive hobby but it is not impossible for people who are not ultra-rich. It just needs a little bit of planning and discipline to follow the plan.

It begins with a budget. Plan a budget and stick to it. Note down your expenses in an excel sheet. Separate your expenses into mandatory expenses like rent, electricity, WIFI, groceries, etc. and non-mandatory expenses like expensive makeup or skin care, expensive clothes, eating out, night out with friends.

Try reducing the non- mandatory expenses to the minimum. This can happen if you quantify your goal and start measuring it. For example, you can set a goal of not spending more than Rs.3000 on eating outside or let’s say you want to save Rs.5000 this month. Monitor your expenses in the same excel sheet. Make an account where you deposit your travel fund regularly without delay and make sure you develop this habit. If you enjoy this journey, you will not find this tedious.

Spend less on eating out or drinking. Maybe you can learn to cook your own food and stop relying on ordering food. This will save you a huge amount of cash. Instead of going out, you can invite friends to your home for drinks. Quit smoking because it costs a bomb and it is an unnecessary expense. Apart from eating home cooked food, you can also quit the gym and start jogging, cycling, swimming, walking, yoga that will help you achieve your fitness goals as well as arrange funds for traveling.

You can start making extra money through passive income. You can start writing blogs, make engaging vlogs, become a tutor and teach to kids, or take up freelancing jobs. These activities will help you arrange extra funds and you can fulfill your dream. 
Sell unwanted gadgets or things that you don’t need. You can rent out your car or your house, sell the books that you have read, sell the expensive play station or any furniture that you do not require.

The little things if can care of will not only let you travel across but also make you a better financial decision maker. So, if you like traveling, go ahead and start following the above tips.
Best of Luck!!

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