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Trump declares another nat-emergency while mulling delay in tariffs on Japanese&EU auto, US pulls…

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A US Black Hawk flies over the Iraqi capital of Baghdad during a routine flight, 2009. (Source: US Army)

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday declared a national emergency over what the administration described as threats against American technology.

Huawei targeted

The Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced that the US added the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei to a black list, essentially banning American companies from transferring equipment and software to the tech giant and vice versa.

In a statement, Ross said Trump supported the move to “prevent American technology from being used by foreign-owned entities in ways that potentially undermine US national security or foreign policy interests.”

This comes a day reports that Trump is going to sign an executive order to bar US firms from using Huawei components.

Mnuchin to visit Beijing

Despite the rising tensions in the trade war, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he is set to visit China “soon” for more talks.

A postponement, and relief for Euro & Yen

Trump is planning to postpone tariffs on Japanese and EU cars and auto parts by up to six months, as his administration finds itself entangled deeper in the trade war with China. The move is meant to prevent the US trade fronts from becoming too overstretched.

US finance network CNBC said four sources told it of the expected delay as the White House has to deal with a Saturday deadline whether to impose duties or not.

Tokyo assessing collateral Sino-US war damage

The Japanese government was considering downgrading its assessment of the economy next week as the prolonging Sino-U.S. trade friction costs the country on exports and factory output, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing a government source.

Classic Mideast

Tensions in the Mideast rise, as the US ordered its nonessential diplomatic staff out of Iraq’s Basra city and capital Baghdad, carrying them on helicopters after perceived threat posed by Iran.

The move also affected anti-Islamic State coalition efforts to train Iraqi army and the Kurdish Peshmerga, with Germany pausing its military program. The Gulf heat-up continues to hold global oil prices over concern of potential disruptions.

May is begging MPs for votes

British PM Theresa May said that lawmakers had a “duty” to support her Brexit deal’s withdrawal agreement when she puts it to vote at the House of Commons next month, again.

The Northern Irish DUP and hardliner Eurosceptics in her ruling Conservatives have once again made clear that the deal she presents is not worthy of their backing, leaving May in the cold with so far uncomprimising Labour of Jeremy Corbyn.

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