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The Best Ways To Make Money Online To Get Rich In 7 Days

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How to make money online is a thing which everybody wants to learn but very few people are able to learn it.

Do you know why?

If you have any clue then leave a comment below.

So, I will teach you the exact ways to make money online fast.

These “how to make money online” ways are also best for the beginners.

The same ways I also used to get rich.

“All the entrepreneurs used the exact ways to get rich and by using these ways they came to know about their mistakes and build their own business”.

So, how to make money online for free.

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How To Make Money Online:

Here are the all-time best 25 ways to make money online without paying anything.

1. Make Money Online From Facebook and Instagram

So, let me tell you some facts first.

People are earning $2848.16 per month with Facebook and Instagram.

How To make money with Facebook & Instagram?

There are many ways but let me tell you the best method which works for everyone.

You can create a page on Facebook and invite your friends, family and everyone who you know.

When you invite them to like your page then you will start creating an audience on your facebook page.

Keep this in your mind that bigger the audience the larger you make money.

So, get as many as likes you can on your page to make it big.

Making a facebook page big by getting too many likes isn’t a small task.

So, I’m sure you must read “HOW TO GET MORE LIKES ON FACEBOOK PAGE

After having a big page then people will request you to promote their content on your page in exchange for money.


2. Make Money Online From Youtube

You must know how many people are making videos on youtube, they get money for it.

And not small money but they make a good amount of money

But the amount of money depends on several methods.

To make a good amount of money from it then you should have millions of subscribers and millions of views on your videos.

You can make money with 2 methods:

1. By Google Adsense

By using Google Adsense on your youtube channel, Google will show ads on your videos and by that, you will get money.

2. By Sponsorships

It is the best way to earn huge money. If your youtube channel is famous then people will approach you to promote their product on your channel( same as facebook page).

3. Make Money Online With Apps

This is the easiest & best method to make money online because even 10 years old kid can make money with it.

People buy smartphones just to use apps but they don’t know that they can earn money by using those apps.

How to make money with Apps?

So, you can easily make money with apps.

There are 2 ways to make money with apps:

  1. By developing an app

You can develop a new app and upload it on play store and people will download it and the more downloads of it the more money you will earn.

2. By using apps

This method is very easy to earn thousands of dollars, in this you don’t have to develop an app.

You just have to use apps to earn money. The apps which you usually keep on your phone and use them but you never earned a single dollar from it.

But from today you can make thousands of dollars by just using the apps.

But everybody doesn’t know about these apps and also don’t know how to make money from them.

The 101 apps to make money online fast

4. Become Consultant

Yes, be a consultant.

It is very easy, you just need to be good than other people and by just doing it then you are a rich person.

How to become a consultant?

You have to understand & learn things about that field in which you want to be a consultant.

You don’t need to be the best, you just have to know more than your client.

As you know people earn too much money by just consulting.

The same way you can consult any client and charge him according to your wish.

As I’m a consultant too and I consult many clients and students also.

I charge $800 per hour.

5. Do Jobs Online

There are lots of easy jobs available on the internet and by doing those jobs you will make money online.

You will get small tasks also for $5.

You will find jobs like Data Entry jobs etc.

6. Become A Freelancer

This is just for you if you are a great programmer, content writer, designer or marketer etc.

You will get good money in-exchange of work.

And you have to talk to clients about the work and impress them by sending your last projects.

Make a good profile and upload your work and by seeing that work people will hire you and pay you.

Here are some Websites to find work as a freelancer:

  1. Fiverr
  2. UpWork
  3. Freelancer

So, these were the websites where you can work online and make money.

7. Start A Website/Blog

This is one of the great ways to make money online and if you are a freelancer then it will be more easy for you.

As you can see on the website you are reading is mine and I make money from it.

You can start your Website/Blog and provide services to people or you can write the content on your blog and publish it.

You can publish content whichever you like to write about.

Ex- I write about Blogging(SEO, SMM, SMO), Make Money Online and Affiliate Marketing.

In this, you can make money with several methods like- Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorships etc.

The more famous your Website/Blog the more you make money.

There are lots of people who only work on their Website/Blog form home and earn thousands of Dollars.

So, why don’t you start?

If you want to start then you have to purchase Hosting and Domain name for your Blog/Website.

You can purchase here at the cheapest price and the quality will be also great.

8. Affiliate Marketing

You must know about retailers.

Then, affiliate marketing is just like you are running a retail shop at home.

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

By the way, it is very easy.

First, you have to patch up(sign up with websites which provide the option of “affiliate marketing”).

Most of the websites give this option.

Like- Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Amazon only gives maximum 10% commission.

These websites give 70% commission.

You have to create an account(just like you create an account on facebook).

Then, you have to promote the products whichever you like to promote, you should choose the products which gives more commission.

You can promote the product on Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

The people who make money online use this method mostly.

This was just a demo…

You can make $50000 per month.

Read the complete movie about affiliate marketing.

9. Open Digital Store(Woo-Commerce, Shopify)

It is an awesome way to make money online fast. You just have to create a store where you have to sell digital products and make money easily.

Opening a Shopify store is in trending, tons of people are opening a Shopify store and making thousands of money.

So, start your Shopify store now

10. Write & Publish a Kindle eBook

Publishing an ebook is a great way to make money online.

If you are good at anything then gather the information and write down on pages and make an ebook which is easy to read and have very good information about a topic.

Make an ebook in such a way that people find easy to understand and fall in habit of reading your ebooks.

By doing that way your ebooks will sell quickly by your fans.

The best platform to publish an ebook is Amazon Kindle Store.

11. Be a Clickworker

It is based on ‘internet crowd-sourcing’ where businesses advertise specific, scalable tasks they need completing quickly and it’s an easy way to make cash for us from our couch.

There are various tasks, but mostly they involve mindless data entry, web research or form filling.

You will be paid in cash (via Paypal) and you can choose for what and when you work.

You should try it.

12. Get Cashback When Shopping

If you are a student then you must try it.

When you get cashback it doesn’t mean that you made money but also you saved money.

There are tons of sites which pay cashback on every purchase.

Here you will get up to 50 sites of cashback.

13. Review Music

If you love listening to music then why don’t you also make money online with it?

You review unsigned bands and artists online on Slicethepie.

It might take some time to build up your reputation but some users say that they earn $40 a month.

I know it’s not too much, but if you enjoy listening to music then it shouldn’t be hard work.

You make money in $ and anyone can sign up and review.

14. Sell Your Notes

If you share your notes with other students or with your friends then can earn money by doing it.

There are a lot of sites on which you can upload your notes with their price and when somebody downloads it then you will get money.

Sites like — Nexus Notes and Stuvia let you upload your notes for free.

You can upload handwritten notes but if you want to make good money then upload typed notes.

15. Sell Second Hand Books

You can also sell second-hand books to make money online for free.

There are 2 options in front of you:

Whether you can ask students if anyone wants your old book or you can list them on Amazon Marketplace.

16. Online Market Trading

So, online trading is a big thing to make money online.

It might not be an easy way to make money online but it can be very profitable if you take it seriously and learn properly about investing.

Trading can fall you in disaster losses and it can push you in a sea which is full of money.

Today, it is so easy for you to invest that you can invest in online platforms.

There are platforms which I like to use:

1. Plus500

2. eToro

Both the platforms are free and you can take the 30-day trial too.

I prefer eToro it has 8 million users and it has also featured in BBC documentary “Traders: Billions By The Minute” and recently started sponsoring football clubs.

17. Buy and Sell Domain Names

A domain name is a kind of address.

Ex- or

“.com” is an extension.

Ex- “.com, .net,, .net, .org”

Domain names start from little money to big amount of money.

How to make money with it?

You can buy any domain name at the cheapest price and make a website/blog and rank it on Google and sell it by doubling the price. People will buy it because it is ranking on Google(ranking on Google is not very easy).

Or you can register many domain names and if in the future anybody needs it then sell it at a big price.

You can register domain names here at cheapest prices.

18. Sell your Old Game’s & Movie’s CD’S

If your room is filled up with CD’s and you want to get rid of them then I got something for you.

Now, you can sell them online and make money online free.

You also can rip CD’s with songs and games and then sell them and make money online.

You can make good money with it.

There are plenty of places to sell:

  1. Amazon Marketplace
  2. Preloved

19. Sell Your Education

In recent years, teachers could only teach students in the classroom(face to face).

But now the time has changed and you can upload your lessons on the internet and people who want to learn then they can download the notes or watch your videos to learn anything.

There are several platforms to sell courses online but I prefer Udemy which allows you to upload your courses(text and video) and people can purchase from there and you will get paid.

And if you want to teach 1 person at one time then join Superprof.

20. Sell Your Photos

If you think you are creative and clicks good photos then it is a good chance to make money online.

Click awesome pics and upload on the site and make money online free.

Adobe Stock or Getty Images

These 2 were the sites use them to upload images and make money online free.

21.Online Surveys

A growing way to make money online fast for students is to fill online surveys in their free time.

There are big research companies who always recruiting new members over the globe to answer surveys and test new products.

For just a few minutes for filling a form, you can make money online fast and free. They will give you a reward or pay you in cash.

Companies which give this opportunity- Toluna, Panel Opinion etc. Here are more apps like this which pay you money for small tasks.

22. Get Paid For Searching On Web

It is one of the awesome methods to make money online.

But How…?

You might spend 18 hours on searching the things on the web but if I say that I will pay to search on the web….

You may ignore me.

But yes, it’s true.

There are apps which pay you to search on the web.

Qmee pays you for searching in Bing, Yahoo and Google.

23. Review Websites & Apps

Well, it’s a fun job to do and make money online.

So, get paid to review websites & apps in spare time.

UserTesting is a place which pays you daily for reviewing websites and each review takes 20 minutes and it pays you $10 via PayPal.

24. Earn From PTC Sites

If you are really willing to make money online for free and fast then it is best for you.

In this, you have to join some trusted PTC sites.

You have to open ads and read it for 10 to 30 seconds and get paid.

There are many sites where you can read ads and make money online free.

This is completely free, easy and quick.

Here are few of them- Clixsense, Neobux, Rebelprize

25. Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are trending everywhere you must invest in it and it is a great way to make money online.

You must invest if you have good knowledge of the market and it will give you a good outcome.

To gain more knowledge you can search on the web there are online paid courses which you can buy.

And if you want to get knowledge for free then read a newspaper “Economic Times” or watch on TV channel “CNBC”.

The Result

So, these were one of the best ways to make money online free and fast.

As I told you most of the people don’t get rich because they don’t know the right way.

But After applying all these ways which I told then you will be a “money making machine”.

Millions of people have tried these “make money online” ways and billions of people are still making their living by using these ways.

Most of the big businessmen started from doing things like these and then they caught their mistakes and corrected them and became billionaires.

So, I also hope you must try these ways because they will 100% help you to make money online.

And my favourite ways to make money online are:-

  1. Make money online with Apps
  2. Start a website/Blog
  3. Review music and apps
  4. Invest in Cryptocurrencies

So, these were my favourite “make money online” ways.

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