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Top residential areas in Mumbai where you can buy the next home of your dreams

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The demand in the housing sector is ever-increasing. It always rises. The change in demand has even made the government think of various plans and reforms that can help people afford their own home in Mumbai. Interestingly there are some of the places that have become everyone’s favourite when it comes to having a home in Mumbai. The markets that are popular are Andheri, Sion, Kanjurmarg, Panvel etc.

What is making these places popular is obviously the connectivity that they have from the local as well as the metro stations situated nearby.

Coming back to the best residential properties and places to stay in Mumbai, here is a proper list that will help you:

1. Sion: despite the ever-increasing property rates in Mumbai, people are willing to invest in good homes, and they want a perfect place for themselves. Sion is the ideal location for people who wish to walk to work. It has tremendous potential when it comes to having different types of homes as well as offices. It is near the Bandra-Kurla complex and also South Mumbai, where most of the big offices are there. It has gradually become the first choice for many corporates.

Andheri: This place is a hub be it work or residential places. Many properties from the greatest builders in Mumbai like Lodha and others are in this area because it is proliferating and most of the offices and right residential areas are in this locality only. Andheri is also considered to be one of the best places to live in Mumbai. It is classified into two parts, Andheri East and Andheri West.

Mira Road: The ever-increasing infrastructural growth and also developments like Metro construction and other things have made people shift their interest towards Mira Road. This place is good for people who like to have open space. Mira Road is situated towards the western line and has good connectivity to Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai. The new metro line will make it even easy to commute from Mira Road to other parts of the city.

These are the three best areas, there are others too, but these are the most prominent ones where people are mostly searching for places and are also buying them because it is worth the investment that people put. After the Metro construction, the prices of homes in these areas are expected to increase.

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