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We all find ourselves in ruts when we seem to not be able to get out of our own way. When I am in financial stress, it seems to hit me hard. When my thoughts begin to wander aimlessly I then realize I am not focusing on any goals. That lack of focuc is actually the problem and not a symptom of the problem. Creating goals and focusing on them are key. You need a target before you can take aim.

Man needs a purpose. Simply stumbling through life is not what we are designed to do. For me, when I don’t have something I am trying to build up to, I seem to be lost, in a rut. From a financial point of view, setting a savings goal can focus my energy as much as building a deck may for someone else. The point is that we need to have some form of focus or as some call it, the stress in our lives to provide a purpose. Keep in mind, saving does not have to mean for a long term item or goal. Saving for a vacation has a built-in reward (talk about a great way to beat a rut).

This could be a hard deadline, like when your child needs a car to commute to college, or a self-imposed deadline (or one from your wife) on when you want a room redecorated.

My main point here is that you need to have a point to shoot for to make your goals real. If you do not, you lack a true focus. Saying that you will save $1,000 but do not set up a deadline regardless of what the deadline could be, removes any urgency and gives you a built-in excuse to fail. It’s like dieting. You could always “go on your diet tomorrow” or you could focus and start today! It is up to you to make the decision.

To me, this starts and ends with the financing. Most large home projects are out of my skill set. That may sound like a cop out to some. I know my skills and swinging a hammer is not one of them. I can organize a plan and adjust it as it becomes reality, and that is something I enjoy seeing as much as someone who builds something physical.

Although it may not be physically demanding, stressing over the financial needs can wear you down just as much, or even more than hard work. Take it slow, but make sure to set timelines. Work to a plan. Adjust as needed and stay focused. If you are in a rut in life, you do not have to stay in it. Find something to focus your energy on. Build a plan and go for it!

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