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Breakfast links: Is the number of people facing homelessness actually rising in DC?

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Some metrics show housing instability in DC is growing

While the Bowser administration reported progress in reducing homelessness in the District, some nonprofits say there’s a growing demand for homeless services. Many people experiencing homelessness are staying with family and friends.  (Morgan Baskin / City Paper )

The Meridian Hill Park fountain is working again

The fountain at Meridian Hill Park, also known as Malcolm X park, is working again after a year-long shutdown due to a leaky pipe. The fountain was built in 1932 and is designated as a National Historic Landmark.  (Rachel Kurzius / DCist)

Did Hogan’s administration oversimplify a study to support highway expansion?

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan cited a study to justify widening highways that claims this will lower emissions. The author of that study spoke up, saying his findings were more complex.  (Scott Dance / Baltimore Sun)

Maryland’s Transportation Secretary says Monorail is worth exploring

Monorail advocates said that Transportation Secretary Pete K. Rahn believes it makes sense to study a 27-mile monorail between Frederick and the Shady Grove Metro station. Rahm did not confirm his comments.  (Katherine Shaver / Post. Tip: Chester B.)

Governor Hogan’s highway-widening plan moves forward

On Wednesday, the Board of Public Works voted to allow the state to begin soliciting private companies to build and operate toll lanes on I-495 & I-270. Amendments to the proposal included moving I-270 portion of the plan as Phase 1.  (Katherine Shaver / Post)

Elrich opposes more accessory apartments in MoCo

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich wrote a letter expressing concerns about a plan that would change the county’s zoning code to allow more accessory apartments. The county is experiencing a housing shortage.  (Dan Schere / Bethesda Beat. Tip: Chester B.)

MoCo Planning Board favors changes to its construction moratorium

The Planning Board is in favor of allowing specific projects to proceed, despite a residential building freeze. Planning staff supports the change in the construction moratorium policy because it will only apply to a limited number of projects that have “minimal” impact on nearby schools.  (Caitlynn Peetz / Bethesda Beat)

DC prepares for Capital Pride 2019

Over 200 organizations are expected to take part in The Capital Pride Parade which will start at P and 21st streets NW, and end at R and 14th streets NW.    (Andrew Giambrone / Curbed)

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