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The currency converter feature is lifechanging

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This time, we asked Samantha, one of our users. After being suddenly let go from her job at the end of 2017, she decided to pursue her true passion which is solo traveling. She is currently in Thailand, halfway through her 9-month trip. Let’s see how is she using Spendee when traveling.

How long have you been using Spendee?

I’ve been using Spendee for a little over four months now. I had originally just been using my notes on my phone to jot down all my expenses and then put them in an excel spreadsheet until my friend told me about the app!

What are your habits when it comes to Spendee?

I usually try to enter every transaction into the app as soon as I spend any money. If I forget to do it right away, I usually do it when I’m bored or when I’m fooling around on my phone. Although, sometimes I forget and have to do it the following day! I find it so fun putting in my daily expenses!

How is Spendee helping you in your everyday life?

As a full-time traveler, I really like to know exactly what I’m spending my money on. With the Spendee app, it is SUPER easy to see what I’m spending in each category. I’m on a very strict budget too, so when looking at previous months, I can see exactly which category I need to cut down on. I also LOVE the fact that you can change the currency! This is a HUGE help especially because I’m constantly traveling to new countries with different currencies! I also want to be able to know how much money I am spending so that at the end of my trips, I can blog about it and share with my audience exactly how much I spent throughout my travels!

What is your main motivation/goal with Spendee?

To keep myself on a strict budget! Also, I’m traveling in Southeast Asia where they don’t use credit cards often. I’m constantly using cash so really being able to keep track of my expenses without being able to look at my credit card statement and know where my money is going toward is essential!

What is your financial goal for this year?

To be able to stretch my money as far as possible by knowing exactly what expenses I need to cut down on thanks to the Spendee app!

Are you using all features Spendee offer or only specific ones?

I just use it for normal daily use to track each expense, but as I previously mentioned, the currency converter feature is LIFE CHANGING. I was writing my expenses in my notes on my iPhone, then re-writing it all in an excel spreadsheet and then having to do the conversion myself. With the Spendee app, it’s all in one click. Saves me SO much time!

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