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5 Simple Ways to Earn More Money – Nathan Young – Medium

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In an economy riddled with student loans, credit cards and other consumer debts, it can be difficult to dig out of a financial hole. Even if you’re out of debt, you could still use the extra income for a variety of sources.

With the rise of technology and leveling of the playing field, now is the best time to earn additional income beyond your 9-to-5. At the very least, earning more income will help build your retirement accounts, affording you a proper retirement.

That being said, these are 5 simple ways you can make more money and bring yourself closer and beyond financial well being.


First on our list is to begin freelancing. While the term is general, it essentially means doing work for yourself. This can include copywriting, photography, accounting, virtual assistant and everything in between.

You can begin freelancing on sites such as Medium, Fiverr, Upwork or the various freelance job boards.

The benefits to freelancing are you can work on your own time. This means if you want to work 7pm-10pm, you can do that. Another benefit is you are improving an existing skill you already have. While it can take time to build a portfolio, consistency is key in earning a sizable income.

Part Time Job

Next up is the good ol’ fashioned second job. It may not be the most ideal option, but it does give you reliable income based directly on the hours you’ve worked.

Jobs to consider include delivering pizza, working at a bar, waiting tables or any tip based job. This gives you greater potential to earn larger sums of money, which in turn push you that much closer to financial health.

When interviewing, make it clear that they have to work with your schedule because you don’t want this job to decrease the happiness in other areas of your life.

Garage Sale

Something that benefits your wallet and your home, a proper garage sale. This gives you the chance to go through items in your home, de-clutter and potentially earn a bit of money.

Fairly straight forward, the only drawback is this only provides a one or two time boost to your income. Once you’ve sold everything you must return to the drawing board and find a new stream of income.

Flipping Items

Piggybacking off of the garage sale, you can keep finding items and selling them for more.

Flipping items is when you go to garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets, find something that is under priced and you resell it on the Internet. You can sell items through Facebook Marketplace, eBay and other resale apps.

Earning money this way does take a bit of time because you need to find items you want to sell, find where the market is and go out to locate those items. If done correctly, you can earn as much as you’re willing to work for.

Ask for a Raise

Lastly, if you are stuck at your day job and don’t have time for a side hustle or freelance gig, simply ask your boss for a raise. Keep in mind this is dependent on the fact you provide value, have been around for a length of time and are in general a reliable employee.

There are many ways to go about asking for a raise and it’s up to you to find what fits your situation best.

These are 5 simple ways you can earn additional income. It’s important you have enough money to cover emergencies, save for retirement and provide a well-established financial base for your family. As the phrase goes, good fortune favors the bold.

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