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You Just Won the Lottery! How Will Your Life Change?

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My husband sometimes plays the game of “What would we do if we won the lottery?” I suck at it.

After we were married a while, he decided the reason I don’t play is that I don’t believe I will win. I also don’t buy lottery tickets. He buys tickets though. Equal property state, people. If he wins, I win. I’m not counting on it.

I don’t gamble. I was an English major, not a math major. I still know the odds are much better that you will lose your stake, rather than have a big windfall at the casino.

The biggest problem I have with dreaming about being rich is that I already have more than I ever thought I would. I grew up without money for senior trips or late model used cars.

My kids grew up attending school trips, riding in my brand new minivan. I drove that minivan until parts started to fall off. The minivan was part of my stay-at-home mom uniform. I loved it so much I didn’t want to let it go. I eventually donated it to our local PBS affiliate.

The day my youngest graduated from college, I was proud of all her work. Thanks to her partial scholarship and our bank account, she graduated without student debt. I felt rich that day.

I never dreamed of being Bill Gates rich. My dream concerned a house in the suburbs. It would have a private backyard, a two car garage, and a porch. I would have a husband I respected.

Today, I live in a nice suburban house. A late model SUV sits in my side of the three car garage. I don’t just respect my husband, I adore him. Our adult children are doing well.

I am already rich. If a huge sum of money landed in my lap, I am sure I would find a way to spread it around. I hope it wouldn’t change my life much, though. My life is pretty good as it is.

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