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3 tricks to make your frugal life a little easier – Making of a Millionaire

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How to save up in style

As a student who lives on a rather tight budget, I do know a thing or two when it comes to frugality.

There are many reasons for one to embrace a frugal lifestyle. One can be a firm believer in the FIRE movement (Financially independent, retire early), or practicing the Swedish “Lagom” philosophies, or can even be an environmentalist who wants to live minimally and sustainably, all of these are great reasons to try live a less materialistic life. Yet, as a (self-proclaimed) frugal lifestyle veteran, I can testify that to live economically can be quite tricky.

The good news is — there are ways to make you frugal life a little easier, and a lot better.

In this article, I am going to share a few ways — that I have picked up along the way, to enjoy more with less money.

*I am not affiliated to any of the apps I recommended, the below are only my personal opinion and not any kind of advertisement.

As a millennial, my phone is one of my most important body organs (extended). We — millennials can live with one kidney, but will probably die without our phone (not that I agree to or support this kind of attitude/behavior). My phone and the apps installed in it has been amazingly useful when I try to spend less.

There are two apps I use a lot — Shopmium and Too good to go.

Shopmium can cut down your grocery cost if you use it correctly. It features different products which you can get at a cheaper price in grocery stores. All you have to do is to take a photo of the receipt and upload it onto the app to claim the discount.

It’s a relatively new app so there aren’t a lot of products available yet, but I did manage to get free Nutella spread and frozen fries before! If you are living on a tight grocery budget but want to occasionally enjoy a bottle of white wine or a nice bar of chocolate, it can certainly help you to indulge a bit from time to time.

If you want to be wiser with your money and at the same time live sustainably, Too good to go is a must-have app on your phone. It allows you to get delicious, perfectly edible food from restaurants at an extremely cheap price. Through the app, you can check out restaurants that are partnered with the app and get their unsold products at the end of the day. I often use the app when I am craving for Japanese food (something super pricy in the UK), it often allows me to rescue delicious sushis, or even a bento if you are lucky enough with just a few quid!

Wanting to enjoy a little bit on things you like whilst being frugal is extremely normal. After all, many money-saving gurus do encourage having a cheat day from time to time. And we shouldn’t sacrifice happiness or even friendship just because we want to save up. Money should be used wisely and meaningfully, not just as little as possible. Yet it’s often difficult to draw the line between enjoying responsibly or indulging, which is why making a personal budget is almost a no brainer for everyone.

There are countless benefits to following a budget. As for someone who is trying to live a frugal life, I would say the most obvious one is budgeting liberates us from the constant guilt of spending on important but non-essential things — things that can bring us joy.

If you are interested in working out your budget, I have written a step by step guide which you can find below.

“In this world, you get what you pay for.” — Kurt Vonnegut

It is perhaps true most of the time. However, when it comes to your hobbies, the ones that are good for you often don’t cost much.

I am a huge coffee lover, so getting a cup of joe from time to time means a lot to me. Recently I developed a new hobby of brewing coffee by myself. Compared to getting a nice cup of cappuccino in cafes, DIY is more fun, taste equally good (depends on your technique) and certainly A LOT cheaper!

If doing the things that you enjoy is costing you a lot of money, exploring cheaper alternatives can certainly help to maintain your quality of life whilst being frugal. Things like going to the park for a nice jog, cooking dinner with friends or even binging good articles on Medium are all free/cheap hobbies that give me endless joy as a student. So go and try them yourself and see which works best for you!

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