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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

If you have a company, small business or personal brand, understanding Google analytics can help you make smarter marketing decisions. To assist, digital marketing firm fishbat offers the following three Google analytic tips that can help improve your marketing strategy.

Utilize the information available. Using Google Analytics can be extremely beneficial for improving a marketing strategy, especially because offered within are statistics for the major areas a company should keep their attention focused on. Audience reach, interaction and investment are three areas that are all monitored through analytics. Using the details shared by Google Analytics can help you improve the next marketing strategy for your business.

Audience reach. Utilize the information available and find out who your audience is. These audience reports share detailed reports and findings about the audience your business is attracting. Dive into patron demographics and an overall overview of who your clientele is turning out to be. This can be useful when determining the most profitable audience to market towards within the next marketing strategy plan. Knowing who your targeted audience is can allow you to modify a marketing plan and rake in the most customers as possible.

Interaction. View the custom report provided by Google and gain access to every single user flow/action. See how an audience is responding to you and your content, and how they interact with it online. While also being able to view the demographics of devices, using Google analytics as a source can document every movement they make while on the site and report it back to you. Based on this information, marketers can make crucial changes to your next marketing plan. Determine what is successful for your business and where to make changes to improve areas which turn out to be less successful than anticipated.

Investment. What source(s) brought the entire audience to your business? Google Analytics can see every piece of information regarding a user once they enter the site. See what web page they came from, whether it be a social media page or just from a search engine itself. Business owners can see complete details on how to invest in those sources and promote a growth in audience numbers. Investing money into an advertisement that attracted a large percentage of your audience may be the next step you may take after allowing google analytics to assist you in improving your marketing strategy.

Source: fishbat

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