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What is the Best Way to use Automation as a Marketing Tool?

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As a client of a recognized luxury realty firm like Synergy what are you looking for them to do for you? Obviously you want them to list your property in various forms of media. I’m sure you’re aware of the internet at this point. You’re also likely aware that just sending postcards and putting up a for sale sign in your yard isn’t going to cut it. So, in reality, and in this day in age, what should you expect from your Realtor and partner in selling your home? How far should they go? What extra steps should they take?

First of all, you’ll need a Realtor who not only uses the classic tried and true methods, but is also educated in the newest online marketing tools. If they don’t utilize the internet your property is not going to have as much exposure as other properties on the market. Using all forms of technology is incredibly important. Automation is one of the methods Realtors can utilize to be sure they’re hitting every possible avenue available. Below is what we tell our agents when approaching automation as a tool when marketing your property. (Remember this is what we’re telling our agents and this is what they do!)

Oftentimes, when you start talking about ‘automation,’ you can visibly see people shirk the challenges through their fear of technology, or just because they simply don’t have the time or bandwidth to think about how it could be relevant to them. (Pssst. This is the wrong way to go about it. Your agent needs to make the time.)

Chances are good that an agent uses marketing in some fashion which could range from flyers, ad space in magazines, social media pages, etc. (Again, NOT ENOUGH!) If you can identify with any of these methods, you also know that it’s time consuming and expensive to create and send out nice marketing pieces consistently. Marketing automation tools are designed to solve this problem by helping increase the scope of marketing campaigns far beyond the limits of their team size, all the while enabling them to focus on your listing. The great news is that there are now so many digital marketing tools on the market that are affordable and simple to use. (The ease that these products work these days should encourage rather than discourage your Realtor to jump on the bandwagon on your behalf.)

So, what is the best way to use marketing automation in your everyday business? It is well known that email marketing campaigns are more effective if they are automated, compared to sending emails manually. For starters, you can set up several emails in one go and then schedule them to be sent automatically. This saves you not only time, but enables you to stay in touch with your contacts with minimal effort. (Using automation allows your Realtor to spend more time working directly with you, giving you more personal attention.) For example, if you have a new listing, you want to let your contact base know about it as soon as possible. Using a series of scheduled email campaigns showcasing features of the property and any other relevant information will ensure you have an edge over the competition. Like everything, you can have too much of a good thing. While automation works well and efficiently, it can sometimes be a little over the top. No one likes to be inundated with emails. If you end up sending out an ‘e-blast’ to all of your contacts without thinking about your target audience, you can guarantee you’ll alienate a large number of them and have them unsubscribe from any future emails which defeats the point of doing it in the first place. (We’ve seen this before and it turns off potential buyers and is wasteful.)

Here’s how we do it at Synergy:

Defining the audience — it’s more effective to spend time going through contacts and sorting them into lists to create different campaigns that target the right audience. For example, if you just bought a home, why would you want to be sent new listings each week?

Looking at the data — taking the time to understand and learn about the data from prior campaigns helps with discerning what marketing campaigns are more successful than others. This data will help hone marketing efforts for the agent, and ultimately assist in selling your home more effectively.

Using automation as a marketing tool, is a great way to manage mundane tasks and cut down on the risk of human error. This, combined with the ability to sift through large amounts of data, makes any automation technology a powerful addition to our agents’ tool box and one that is worth using in their marketing strategy to sell your home.

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