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Sometimes, I do not feel worthy of financial success

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I have tried to always be able to support myself. I worked and saved and paid my own way through college. I paid for my own wedding. My husband and I bought secondhand furniture and appliances for our first apartment that we rented when we got married. We clipped coupons for groceries and shopped at the farmers market for less expensive vegetables and fruits.

We worked and saved and bought our first house. We have always been thrifty with our expenses and our savings. We have always saved our money first, before we bought anything expensive. We have tried to not live on the credit cards. If we could not afford to pay cash for something, we did not buy it until we could.

None of the jobs I have worked, every had much of a pension program, if they had one at all. I have tried saving extra to help prepare for retirement. But there has always been one unforeseen expense after another. Sometimes, I do not feel worthy of financial success. I am not where I financially planned to be at this age in my life. I need my investments to grow fast and profitably.

I have found the right program and learned to invest and improve my financial status for now and the future lifestyle I want to create for myself. Follow my stories to find out how you can join in to be successful for your financial future.

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