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Stop Neglecting The Small Stuff.

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Keeping your business’ online profile up-to-speed is important. Don’t neglect these easy items.

Don’t sweat the small stuff” they say…


…in some cases you should — especially when it comes to your business.

Let’s say Jill goes on Google and is looking for “Dog Groomer’s in my area”. Your business pops up in the Google Business carousel. The only problem is your phone number is wrong, your website leads to a Chinese website, and your location is your home address not your business address — you forgot to update it when you moved into your new building.

So what does Jill do?

She picks the next business with relevant information. As she clicks on that business’s website, she thinks to herself, “If they can’t take care of simple information, how can they take care of my dog?”

Does this sound dramatic? It’s not.

  • 90% of users look for online reviews & status before choosing a company
  • 84% trust those reviews as much as they would a friend’s

You can’t afford to neglect these details. They are easy to update and have a sizable impact on your business. Forbes estimates that every 1 star increase in your YELP review is up to a 9% increase in revenue. Think your online reputation doesn’t matter? Think again.

Most businesses have two profiles (even if they didn’t create them)…

Facebook & Google.

Setting up a Facebook page is simple, but there are a lot of details people can miss. Location, number, email, and website — to name a few.

The good people at HubSpot put together a nice tutorial on how to setup your Google My Business page. It’s a breeze and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Do you have an hour to do these things? Of course you do. No one is so busy that they cannot spare an hour from their workweek to take care of these mission critical areas for their business. As society goes more and more digital, people are beginning to ONLY look online for a company.

Billboards, radio, TV and the press are fading — meanwhile — Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn, and Google Ads are thriving (and converting) for business owners.

My advice? Take some time to sweat the small stuff, it could result in a good profit boost for your business.

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