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Here’s why you’re worth it

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Whenever I write in any capacity, I have several motivators on my mind.

These motivators switch around in priority order depending on who or what I’m writing for.

Creative outlet

As someone who use to perform for a living, I’ve grown use to a certain level of creative expression in my everyday life.
Since that outlet has been taken away after pivoting my career, I’ve needed a new outlet.
Writing has always been a go-to for me, so outworking my creative juices is definitely a motivator that keeps me going.

Improving myself

I always hope that everything I write is improving on what’s gone before it. I never want to be standing still, and will do whatever I can to constantly learn and improve.

My motivation for reading is also often to improve my writing.
What better method could there be for improving a skill than witnessing the same skills being demonstrated by the greats?

I got something to say

Some of what I write comes from the heart, but not all of it.
Sometimes I want to give advice from my life and professional experiences.

Other times I want to tell a story about that time I travelled somewhere and epic things happened.
There’s a lot that happens in everyday life, and I want to tell you about it. So I write.

I wanna make that fat cheque

The motivation that’s the least fashionable to talk about, yet drives most of us is the money.
Whether you’re making it now, or hope to make it later; money is a perfectly acceptable and admirable motivation to write.

We possess a bankable skill that not everyone has, so why wouldn’t we deserve compensation for our time and talent?

And now that we’ve just been paid for August let’s dish.

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Deserving Cash

Feeling motivated to seek cash through our writing is definitely an enormous struggle point for lots of writers.

Some believe that they’re not worth the cash, while others believe that the only way to seek cash is to write click-baity articles that’ll make them lose respect in themselves.

Well, you don’t have to write trash, and you don’t have to feel down on yourself.
Feeling unworthy is an unnecessary roadblock that writers place in front of themselves, but is also really common among a lot of us.

Despite being common, feeling this way is wrong for a big reason.
The reason you’re wrong is the same reason why anyone can find love…

Photo by Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash

Whether you’re big, small, curvy, thin, gay, straight, young or old; everyone is someones wet dream.

There are 7 billion people in the world, and you tick every single box when it comes to someone out there and their fantasies.

The same is true of your writing.

There are readers out there who are desperate to read exactly what you write, so it’s your responsibility to give it to them.
I also believe it’s your responsibility to find them, which is why I’ve always been a strong advocate for writers to advertise their work.

If you’re not getting the readers you believe you deserve, get out there and find them! People aren’t going to stumble across your writing by mistake.

You’re responsible for your destiny, readers don’t owe you anything. Heck, Medium doesn’t owe you anything either.

Photo by Brian Kyed on Unsplash

Give yourself a loss leader

One method I love to use as motivation to write something amazing is to set myself up in a cafe or restaurant I’d not normally allow myself to splurge on.

I’ll order some delicious food and beverages, then get to work.

I’ve now sunk myself into delicious debt by coming to this restaurant instead of staying at home and making something cheap from the fridge.

I’m now responsible for this money, and need to earn it back.
I have my laptop and I have my motivation. I now need to make it work.

During each restaurant visit I’ll try to write two stories that can work together to pay off my bill.
I’d better hope that at least one of these stories matures into a Legacy Story if I have a hope of paying off this bill someday.

The goal is to come out on top.
I want this restaurant visit to actually make me money. So I need to buckle down and work my butt off while I slurp back that delicious milkshake.
(No booze. Those will either make you sleepy of fuzzy).

Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

Sum it up

A restaurant is my choice of loss-leader because I love food. But what do you love?

If you need a kick in the pants to prioritise money or value your own ability to make it, find what you love to motivate you.
Once you’ve found an activity that costs money, go and do that thing while also writing through it.

While you’re at it, learn to love your work and love yourself. You’ll be a much better writer for it.

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