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How To Make More Money In Your Business – Afro Ndiritu

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This is a powerful tool if you are looking to move your business forward in terms of influence, impact, and INCOME.

It seems obvious but are you utilising it to its fullest extent?

I am referring to a customer journey.

This works if you are an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur (a manager that promos innovation).

The customer journey is mapping out from the minute a customer first makes contact with you or your business to the ‘end’ of their journey with you.

Even if you are just starting out there is a process you would have in place for this formally or informally.

It is looking at this journey and seeing where you can add more value to the customer/client.

Are there any gaps where you can support them with a new product or service?

By doing this you will create multiple income streams that will allow your business or department to grow and flourish.

Most people miss this out and get caught up with 1 big client or the day to day running of a business or department.

You need to step away and work on the business and not in it for a period of time to see where these opportunities lie.

From a physiological standpoint when the mind is relaxed, calm and present it is able to be creative and ideas will flourish. Once in a state of stress, anxiety or worry is begins to shut down and you struggle to be creative.

It’s a bit like when you are running late for work, you become worried, anxious or stressed and this leads to you forgetting things during the process like your phone or where you parked your car.

Is this you?

What would happen if you gave yourself time to be creative and track your customer journey?

What would an increase in influence, impact, and INCOME mean to you?

Money does not bring you happiness and creativity, your creativity and happiness bring you money.

Afro Ndiritu

Male Empowerment Coach | Speaker | Writer

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