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The Simple Formula for Making Money on the Internet

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I know what you’re thinking: Where are all the steps in-between?

Well, there were lots and they don’t matter. You know why? Because the steps are different for everyone to make money on the internet. What stays the same is the following:

  • Did you make the decision to do the thing?
  • Did you put in regular daily effort even if the time spent was only a few minutes?
  • Did you build the habits that will lead you to make money on the internet?
  • Do you know how to communicate with the people that have the money you’ll earn?
  • Do you understand the sort of human being you have to become to make a crapload of cashola on the internet?

That last point is crucial.

I had to become a different person to have the mindset, work ethic, determination, and humility to make money on the internet.

Many people get lost in the how-to part of making money, thinking that it’s what platform you use, or how many affiliate links you have, or how good your website is, or how different your idea is, or how many influencers you are friends with, or where you live, or how fast your computer is, or how much money you started with, or when you got connected to the internet — there’s so many pointless steps.

Nothing in this list of excuses, disguised as how-to steps, holds weight. Come on, what else you got?

As cheesy as it sounds, there’s no way to avoid doing the work. You can’t outsource, opt-out, skip ahead, or cheat your way there. Whatever you do on the internet is going to take a large chunk of effort. This article, upon reflection and reading back over it, says that 70% of my process was effort.

Now if I had known that in the beginning, perhaps the outcome would have been predictable. It was a low IQ and having no freaking idea that made me come up with the strategy of effort because there was no other action I could take. There were no other tips, ideas, or strategies. No magic mentor blessed me with holy water or told me it was all going to be okay.

What made that $30,000 hit my bank account was the exact process above. There was a regular habit, a few books, a stupid number of hours invested in the process, and a sense of joy that came from blogging.

You, too, can make money on the internet with enough effort.

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