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Should creatives try building a portfolio using Medium or Google Docs?

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For creatives, online portfolios are the name of the game. Nothing is worse (relatively speaking) than finding yourself in the perfect networking opportunity only to confess that, no, you don’t have a personal website or accessible portfolio.

Fortunately, creating one is getting easier, and Google Docs and Medium are two platforms able to foot the bill. We’re finding that while the standard is to have a website dedicated to a custom portfolio, some creative creatives are using existing tools to showcase their works – and they’re not all as janky as you’d think! There are some pretty brilliant portfolios made with the unlikely aforementioned tools!

First of all, it does matter what you’re going for.

Google Docs and Medium are both formatted to showcase documents and writing. That being said, both are simple to use.

Anyone with a Gmail account can automatically create a shareable document without subscribing to another service. Medium also creates publications with an emphasis on content, and once online, displays those publications seamlessly on all devices.

Portfolios should highlight the work — not the platform design around it. Nothing is worse (relatively speaking) than looping through portals, getting lost on what to click on, or being bombarded with unnecessary jingles. Get to the point already.

As for domains, Medium has a “custom domain” feature which allows users to have their personal domain redirect to Medium. Google Docs is a little bit trickier as a sharable link is needed. But that’s what social media is for, right?

The downsides to both platforms include a lack of analytics and the loss of a branding opportunity with no custom URL. If your portfolio is visual—based in photography or any of the visual arts, you’re better off having a larger gallery viewing option such as enlarging grid views and slideshow features.

All options aside, the work should speak for itself when it comes to a portfolio. If you’re in a hurry and can’t find the time to piece together a website exactly how you want it, it’s better to have your work available for viewing than not at all. The rest comes down to personal preference.

Happy portfolio building!

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