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How About Beginning with Your Sleeves? – Magi Bird

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I have always been a fan of good motivational speakers. From them I have heard some of the most perfect one liners ever delivered from a stage. One such speaker was Glenn Turner, a self proclaimed “con” man. “Con” in this context, he explained, was short for “Confidence” man.

His purpose was to bolster the self image of the audience members sufficiently to enable them to actually do the things of which they dreamed. A favorite story of mine is the event at which he invited the entire audience to stand up. After every person was on their feet, he invited them

to look under the seat they had just vacated. Taped to the bottom of each chair in the auditorium was a dollar bill.

“It just goes to show you, to make a dollar in this world, the first thing you have to do is get off your butt!” He proclaimed over the laughter and the applause that greeted the discovery and point of this mammoth prank.

As the audience quieted, he followed up with the following challenge: “Many of you have had the benefit of the kind of educations which your parents and grandparents only dreamed of. Upon graduation many of you went down to employment agencies, usually owned and run by some high school graduate and hired them to hunt you up a job. At this point you are sitting around waiting for something to turn up. How about beginning with your sleeves?”

You dear reader, might be wondering what all the above has to do with founding a company or real estate investing. I have often seen new real estate agents, beautifully trained, educated, with all the talent and potential to change lives absolutely unable to break through their self-imposed limitations and fear. They spend their time getting ready to get ready to get ready and never actually go to work.

This same principal applies just as readily to new potential real estate investors. They are getting ready to get ready for the perfect opportunity, property, or situation to turn up, never taking the first necessary step of commitment to act. Many believe the more they learn, the less frightening that first investment will be. It won’t. The only thing that reduces the fear of “doing” is doing the thing most feared.

I am reminded of another of my favorite quotes: “More has been lost to indecision than wrong decision.”

As even a mediocre income property produces a 20–30% return, every day that goes by is a day of lost time, lost revenue and lost gains that no amount of creativity or perfection of the plan, can recover. So, if you are sitting around waiting for absolutely the right thing to turn up…

How about beginning with your sleeves!

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