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How to start a Personal Savings on Fundall – The Lifestyle Lounge

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The journey to building wealth easily with Fundall.

Living in a place like Nigeria where most of its population live on little income, having an active personal savings is almost impossible because you will always find yourself constantly taking out of your savings, either for emergency reasons or personal wants. Fundall came up with a solution for everyone to set a personal goal and reach them easily.

Creating a personal savings plan is an easy way to keep some money aside, away from your main spendings money. It helps you save your money in a way that fits in with your goal, and also be able to set a monthly automatic deposit from your bank account.

You can create multiple personal savings plans for different purposes, and add funds to each of them. You can use Personal savings to save towards anything goal maybe for an emergency, planning a holiday, or saving up to buy a car.

Just head to the savings tab on your Fundall web app or mobile app to create a new personal savings plan.

Earning interest while saving

You don’t have to save for emergencies reasons only, you can also save to invest your money seeing that you can earn up to 15% interest annually. We invest your money in treasury bills investments, bonds investment issued by the FGN, demand or time deposits with commercial banks in Nigeria, investment in notes or instruments issued by Fund Managers approved by SEC, and other securities, instruments, and assets as may be determined by the Company per this Deed.

Setting goals and reaching them

When you create a new personal savings plan, there is an option for you to set a goal for your plan. If you’re saving up for a specific reason, you can always set the target amount.

Locked out of funds

It is only normal as a human to find yourself dipping into your savings when you shouldn’t, with Fundall after creating a savings plan you get locked out of your funds for 3 months.

You can start making goals and reaching them by following the below steps:

  1. Download the Fundall mobile app on Google Playstore/visit on your web browser;

2. Sign up on;

3. Complete the quick profile survey;

4. Verify your mobile number and email address

5. Go to the savings tab and create a personal savings plan;

6. Set a custom name for your new saving plans;

7. Set your target amount;

8. Link your card/bank account;

Start saving more, it is Fun!

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