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Do These 3 Aproaches To Money Change How You View Spending?

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I don’t know that many of us were taught how to deal with money. A lot of what I learned about money was watching the people I knew deal with it. In my immediate family, we just didn’t talk about it. From others, I learned that having it was bad.

When we didn’t talk about it I thought that meant it didn’t matter and that there was really nothing interesting going on there.

When people taught me it was bad it gave a much more damaging mindset and attitude towards money. I watched those people be in such great poverty. They were unable to pay bills and always wondering where their food was coming from.

“Things always work out.”

I heard this multiple times and it appeared like a noble attitude to a young child.

I now realize that things don’t always work out or go according to plan and that we should talk about money. People won’t always come to your rescue and you can’t expect them to. We need to form a healthy relationship and mindset when it come to money

Here are just 3 ways I think we should approach money

1.) Money is always going out….

Most of us work full-time jobs and get paid biweekly. When I was younger I would sit and calculate how much I would see in my account come Friday. I loved those numbers. The more money I made the more things I was able to afford. I don’t know if you noticed but having a cell phone and computer are incredibly useful tools. If you get a computer it’s almost like you have to get the internet and then you spiral out of control and before you know if you are getting into harder things like Netflix and Hulu.

Those things are nice and aren’t always bad but they are now being taken from your loot every month. Plan for it, accept it OR cancel it.

There are so many free apps out there to help you budget it’s so easy. I use EasyBudget

2.) Money is real and, sadly, still doesn’t grow on trees.

When I was a kid I got a $3 allowance when my parents could afford it. I remember that $3 feeling like $100 in my little hands. I contemplated and stressed about all the things that were worth spending my little loot on. I would choose candy and within 2 hours there would be no evidence that either had existed. I remember it upsetting me for days afterward.

When I got a debit card, the pain of paper money being handed over to a stranger disappeared. There was no meaning behind my purchases and no weight of money being taken from my grasp.

Money needs to be made real to us again. Debit cards simplify our lives but our ability to make good buying choices declines when we don’t have to feel the pain of money leaving.

A good method I found was to budget and pay for most of the purchases with cash. If you don’t give yourself an option to use your debit card you have to make a lot more choices about what’s worth buying so that you don’t go over. I always put my least important items at the end of my pile of groceries in case I miscalculated.

3.) Need vs Want

If you are trying to save money this is a very common area where we all tend to slip up. I have purchased so many things that weren’t necessary. Without having a plan for these occasions we will continue to make unnecessary purchases.

Will you die or get into trouble without this item?

The answer is simply a YES or a NO. There’s no making up excuses for why you “need ” it. Yes, I believe it is actually that simple.

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