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Stop Thinking Like A Broke Person! (How To Set Your Financial Thermostat)

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There is a crazy phenomenon that plagues the lives of most individuals. We hear people complaining all too often about how they are never able to pay their bills or do anything fun because they are financially bound. They use the fact that they are broke to justify a negative attitude.

It’s time we put a stop to this nonsense and face the real issue. We aren’t mad because we’re broke, we’re are broke because we’re mad! We’re mad at the world, we’re mad at our boss, we’re mad that we aren’t seeing progress, and in the end, it leaves us stuck where we have always been.

It’s this kind of thinking that keeps you stagnant and deflecting any kind of success. So today we tackle this beast and I want to start by saying:

I want to share with you three tips for breaking the broken mindset allowing you to free yourself from everything that has been keeping you trapped, frustrated, and estranged from the life you deserve!

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Being poor is usually a result of uncontrollable circumstance, something like being born into an impoverished nation. If you are poor then I sympathize with you because it wasn’t your choice.

People become poor because of health complications. They are forced into a financial pickle with no say in the matter.


If you are broke then I‘m a little less sympathetic.

You see, unlike poverty, being broke is usually the result of life choices. You spent money that you didn’t have. When you do have money, you spend it on things that are of little value and give no return.

Instead of saving and investing, you end up spending your money much faster than it is able to come in.

You are broke because you have chosen a broken lifestyle. No one puts you in that situation and no one can take you out of it easily. Because at the end of the day, it’s what is inside of you that needs a makeover, not the outside!

The purpose of a thermostat is to control the temperature of a room. The idea is that the thermostat will kick on when it reaches the desired temperature that was set by the operator.

If your financial thermostat is set low then it doesn’t matter how much money you make, you will always end up being broke.

Think of the people who win the lottery, within a year a two, those people are back to the same living situation. They’ve spent it all without even thinking about where the money was going.

Do you think that self-made millionaires spend their money on lottery tickets? Of course not! This is because they have set their financial thermostat to a higher level. They aren’t enticed by “quick money” and certainly wouldn’t waste a penny on a poor person’s game.

Photo by Steve Sawusch on Unsplash

On the contrary, self-made millionaires can lose everything and within a couple of years have it all back.

They have trained themselves to think differently and with their thermostat set higher, they will always return to where they started. So where do you fit? Do you have a millionaire mindset? Or are you a lottery playing, constantly spending, “the world is against me” poor person?

It is no question that we all want to be wealthy and the truth is, there is nothing wrong with that. GO GET WHAT YOU DESERVE! But you can’t go any further with the mindset that you now have.

We must recognize the sometimes changes need to be made in our lives. It is not always an easy thing to accept, but progress can only come when we know our weaknesses.

Until we can dig deep down into ourselves and identify these things, we will remain trapped.

So let me ask you a question, why do you want to be successful?

If you answer was that you want a better life then I commend you. But lets take it one step further!

Why do you want a better life for yourself?

In the video below I will share with you the importance of looking deep within yourself and trusting that better things are coming your way.

Becoming a legend on your own life means putting old habits behind and learning new skills. We have all heard the phrase,

“Rome was not built in a day.”

Neither is your future, take your life by the suspenders and go at it a day at a time and always keep your true why in mind. As you do, you will no longer make decisions solely with your mind but also with your heat.

Never give up, stop thinking like a broke person, and believe in your in good things to come!

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