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How Will Medium’s New Payment Paradigm Affect my Poetry?

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Short answer: it won’t.

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While writing creatively on Medium I have discovered I have a knack for poetry. I have been pleasantly surprised by this new development.

I have just begun to experiment with 3 and 5 line poetry. I’m definitely enjoying the journey.

What about this new payment algorithm Medium is instituting? Basing payment distribution on read time rather than claps. Should I be worried?

I am a little worried, to be honest.

I recently quit my job. It was sucking my soul for minimum wage. My family was suffering as a result. We have put a bunch of eggs in my writing basket. I hope I don’t break them. This new payment system has certainly shaken the egg basket.

Rather than complaining or freaking out, rather than giving up, rather than focusing on fear of the unknown, I’ll focus on the journey. I’ll be patient. This won’t be easy for me. I hate to “just wait and see.”

The journey is worth focusing on, however. I have journeyed from journaling to ghostwriting (which I discovered I do not like at all) to blogging to creative writing and all the way to poetry. I’m excited to see where I go next.

I’ve just this week requested to be added as writer of 50 word micro fiction. I’ve not yet written a tanka poem. I’m very excited to continue down this path. And continue I will.

In order to earn a decent living here on Medium, I may have to journey down more than one path. Short creative writing and longer more in-depth writing. I may need to spend more of my day doing research. I may need to pull my head out of the clouds. (Not all the way, never all the way. The clouds is where my imagination lives)

I choose to see the new Medium payment paradigm as a challenge rather than an insult. I hope I can face that challenge, look it in its eye and say, “Is that all you got?”

I believe I am up to it.

I hope.

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