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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a very broad way can be defined as an approach to manage a company’s interaction with current and potential customers developing and maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship with the customers using the latest technologies. CRM is a Software enabled business strategy and a set of business processes and policies that are designed to acquire, retain, and provide service to customers as per their needs.

Most of the customer relationship management programs such as Opal-CRM are developed on the basis of certain special characteristics, which articulate that it is necessary for organizations to maintain relationships with their customers for the long-term benefits of both the parties.

The advantage of implementing Opal-CRM is, it provides businesses with numerous strategic advantages. One such strategic advantage is the capability of adding a personal touch to existing relationships between the organization and the customers, treat each client individually rather than as a group & maintaining a repository on each customer profile. The Opal-CRM system allows each employee to understand the specific needs of their customers as well as their transactions.

Opal-CRM is a valuable asset in identifying potential customers. By keeping track of the profiles of the prevailing clients and use them to determine the people to target for determined client returns. New clients for business are an indication of growth. However, a growing business utilizing CRM software should encounter a higher number of existing customers versus new prospects each month. Growth is only essential if the existing customers are maintained appropriately even with the recruitment of new prospects.

The Opal CRM Real estate sector is growing at a very fast pace. Forward-thinking companies within the Real estate sector are looking to create a competitive atmosphere by providing better management and service to the customers, customer relationship management (CRM) tools can play an important role here.

Opal CRM Real Estate provides people in the real estate industry with a CRM platform specialized to their needs and for helping realtors speed up routine processes and stay in touch with clients and potential customers.

As a realtor, the heart of your business is dealing with buyers, clients, prospective customers or other important contacts. Opal-CRM software gives you advantages over your competitors by helping you:

1. Scale your business: If you are a realtor with a handful of listings to manage, maintaining their information using an Excel spreadsheet might be feasible. Anything larger, however, and you’re likely dealing with hundreds or potentially thousands of clients and listings, for which Opal-CRM software will help you keep that information well organized and accessible.

2. Operate more efficiently: When every employee in your company has access to your customer and contact information, you can deal with your leads more efficiently and avoid the dangers of reaching out to contacts either too frequently or not enough. You can also track your leads interactions and analyze that data for more efficient resource planning.

3. Compete with superior customer service: Staying in touch with all of your clients and using the communication method they prefer will let you stay on top of their needs and concerns in a way that stands out. Superior customer service, focused on providing the best possible buyer/renter experience, will allow you to seriously compete against other real-estate companies.

Opal-CRM Real Estate offers one of a kind user-interface for a reasonable price, with all required functionalities for your real-estate business on your fingertips, starting from an easy registration process, and instant tech support by our highly qualified support team, will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

On Signing-in Opal-CRM provides clear insights about every single lead attached to your real-estate system. The Dashboard also provides the various stages of communication between potential customers and employees.

The “Lead Tracking” page keeps track of all your leads’ current status, which will, in turn, gives you a clear understanding about your leads’ interest in your products, and also help you understand how to close a deal with your leads.

Lead Activities such as E-mail, Call as well as meetings can be scheduled using Add Activities function in the CRM system, it helps you to be organized and communicate with your leads very conveniently.

Once Leads shows interest in your product, a quotation can be submitted and depending upon the terms and conditions set by both realtor and customer, it can either be approved or rejected, a quotation can be viewed, edited and downloaded.

Once a quotation is approved an invoice is generated, which can also be downloaded and viewed.

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