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Last month I earned an extra $400.00 from a dog-sitting gig for a friend. It was free and clear money because it didn’t eat into my regular job hours.

A couple of months before that I earned another $500.00 building a website for a friend. During my blogging days, I became proficient with WordPress so I’m able to build any custom website from the ground up.

I don’t choose to do websites for a living because it’s tedious, unreliable work but it’s also a skill I can monetize whenever I choose to.

It’s also a great referral-based sideline. Her website recently led to another inquiry simply because someone loved hers.

In the writing arena, I have never established myself as a business but I still occasionally get inquiries for writing services. I was recently asked to write three simple blog posts for a travel website, at a rate of $100.00 each.

The previously mentioned dog-sitting gig led to an offer for a dog walking job 3 days a week. I ended up turning it down because winter is approaching — and I hate winter — but this is another clear example of how putting yourself out there can lead to income opportunities.

A few years back I put together a cooking blog for a friend of mine because she loves to cook and wanted to show off her kitchen prowess.

Then came a time when she had to be off work due to medical issues, so to make up for the shortfall in her income she offered holiday baking services.

Everyone who reads her blog wanted her baking because let’s face it, the woman could cook and they all knew it from following her blog.

My mother is a genius paper card maker and beaded jewellery designer, both strictly as hobbies. She gives them as gifts for special occasions. As it turns out, gift-giving is a perfect marketing tool.

She now designs and supplies beaded bracelets to her church store on a quarterly basis and makes a decent little income on her orders.

The gig economy is perfect for people like me, who still don’t know what we want to be when we grow up.

Sometimes we fantasize about being a freelancer with full autonomy but then discover it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. But we still have the know-how to make it a sideline.

Gigs allow us to explore whether or not we actually love something as much as we think we do. If we don’t love it enough to do it for a living we can still capitalize on it when we want to.

Sit down and take inventory of things you love to do and I bet you’ll find out they could be making you some extra coin.

Because who doesn’t want extra money?

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