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Getting Rid of Music – White Feather

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Back when I left Colorado eight years ago to move down here to the Great Plains of Turtle Island I left behind almost 90% of all my possessions. I managed to get a ride with someone driving down here in a pickup truck and all I could bring with me had to fit into the back of that pickup truck.

I left behind furniture, art, a ton of books, almost all of my music CD collection, kitchen items, clothes, a TV, a stereo, a desk, a computer, towels, gardening tools, bookshelves, plants, lamps, bedding, bathroom supplies, food, and personal mementos. I just let it all go.

And it was a truly wonderful, joyous and liberating thing to do. Of course I had done that very thing several times in my life. It feels so good to release all the things we become attached to.

Once, a few decades ago, I got rid of all my possessions that would not fit into a backpack and one handbag in order to hitchhike around the country for two years. Does anyone know what it is like to be able to carry every single possession you own on your back and in your hand? How many people have experienced that kind of joyous freedom?

Home was where ever I found a place to sleep for the night. My thumb got sunburned from sticking it out every day. I scavenged for food and I took all manner of odd jobs to occasionally have a nice meal in some greasy spoon diner.

I stuck my toes in the sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Coast and the Pacific Ocean. I stood on several mountain tops. I slept on picnic tables next to wild raging rivers. I stayed in a nice Las Vegas hotel and gambled away the fourteen dollars in my pocket in less that ten minutes. I was incredibly lucky in my encounters with other humans. And with nature.

I rejoiced for every penny I found in the street or on a sidewalk.

I look back at that time with great fondness and nostalgia. Of course I was in my twenties back then.

I am no longer in my twenties.

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