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Some Important Leaxcoin Updates – Leax Foundation – Leaxcoin (LEAX)

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As we are now fast approaching the end of 2019, we are happy to provide you some important updates on what we are doing.

Update Number 1: We at Leax Foundation is carrying out the migration of the token to another contract, this is necessary to ensure maximum security in the smart contracts we use

Aiming at improving the protocol, we are providing an area in our wallet to perform the conversion to our new smart contract

All users will have a period of one month to make the conversion, after which the current smart contract will be blocked and it will no longer be possible to trade Leaxcoin for this contract.

Our new contracts is 0x2960d71855a521c8414d29a27218efdb67c34180

Access your wallet for more information. We know that some users are having a hard time doing this, so here is a link where it shows a guide on how to do it, we do not know if you can follow this one, but this is the close on that we can get so far while our team is still doing a guide towards this update:

Update Number 2: Last Friday, 25th of October, Leaxcoin was able to present and attend the Conference On Tourism organized by a local government in the Philippines. Headed by our Community Manager and Co-Founder for the Philippines, Mark Anthony Wagan, he was able to present about digital payments, real estate, blockchain and what is leaxcoin all about, and how it could be a big help when it comes to travel and tourism.

Last but not least, is our Update Number 3: As we try to pursue our goal of being the all in one solution for the real estate market, we are now finishing our very own exchange. Yes, we are now almost done on our exchange and we are hoping that once we release it, you would be able to support us all the way.

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