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If You’re a Medium Writer, You Already Won! – Rui Carreira

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You’re An Early Bird: Understanding Curation Isn’t All That Important

If you’re a Medium writer, then you probably asked about being curated, and if you’re part of the many medium based communities out there you also saw a lot of chatter about curation, tactics on how to get curated and all of that.

Well, one of the most important things to grasp is curation isn’t that important. Hell, I don’t mind if I don’t get curated, and I always assume I won’t be, it just won’t impact my bottom line that much, and if you think I’m overreacting…

…let me break it down for you:


If you’re going to chase the quick bucks, curation may be important, but what does curation get you?

Well, it gets you a short explosion on traffic and engagement, and it will get you some very nice bucks, sure, but it fizzles out soon enough.

If you REALLY want to bring home the bacon, then you must aim for that sustainable long-term passive income, and for that curation doesn’t matter squat!!

What matters then?

And why are you all winners already?

Well, as early birds we had some time to build our article portfolios and to let our pieces mature. We Full-Time bloggers know SEO is VERY age-sensitive and articles take time to mature.

…and now I’m going to take the risk of demoralizing you, but there’s something you should know.

Throughout my blogging experience, I’ve learned that articles reach their peak at an average of 3 years after they are first published. This means your articles usually gain visibility throughout the “ages” until they reach a stable position after 3 years of being published.

So, we early birds on Medium are going to have a lot more matured articles than the masses who will come in the future.

Not only that, but we also have MORE pages on the site, which will eventually pick up more stranglers, and we have a bigger chance of having our pages recommended by widgets and such.

If you got here early, you’re a winner already, just keep on grinding, don’t worry about curation or publications too much, and let the power of compounding on the sheer number of high-quality articles you publish enable you to get those earnings autopiloted towards your wallet.

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