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Finding Sponsors for Our Backyard Concert

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Photo by Fede Casanova from Unsplash

This past Memorial Day, my children’s band had their first concert in our backyard. At first, it was supposed to be a small gathering, but we made it a more formal concert and found three local sponsors for it.

Andy and Ally have been playing musical instruments for several years. At the beginning of this year, they decided to have their own band with their friends.

After months’ practice and rehearsal, the band was about to have their spring concert. We did a lot of preparation from inviting guests to designing concert program. It turned out that we would have 10 performers and a 50 people audience.

Then we started to think big — could we find sponsors for our concert?

This may sound impossible. Who would sponsor a concert by a bunch of kids in a house backyard? But you would never know the answer if you never try. We decided to give it a try not only because it may lower our financial burden for hosting this event, but also because it will a valuable fund-raising experience, successful or not, for my two middle schoolers.

Before the concert day, we managed to find several local stores that provided us generous support. Here’s what we did to get sponsors for our event:

We didn’t just enter a store and ask for support. We planned all actionable strategies and steps, including what kind of sponsorship we needed, which local stores to contact, how to pitch our event to them, etc.

We made a professional-looking program that included all the information about the concert and performers, with a beautiful cover and placeholders for potential sponsors’ banners. Sponsors needed to know what kind of concert it was and how serious and well-planned we were.

We did research about local businesses that might be interested in the event. Since we’ve been living in this community for several years, we knew some stores pretty well. We made a short list of stores that were relevant and family-friendly.

We knew exactly what we needed from sponsors. One was support for covering logistic costs for the concert and the band. Other support was providing food for the concert audience. The request should be reasonable and well-justified.

One question that potential sponsors would ask was why they sponsor the event. One favor we returned was to put their store information on the last two pages of our program. Our audience were from the local community, so they were likely to be their future customers. Sponsors could also get a shout out on our social media.

Ally played a key role in initiating the request to prospective sponsors. I was impressed with her confidence in asking to speak to the store manager and her sincere and respectful manner when presenting our request. It is important to prepare the basic script, but more importantly is the message is presented.

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