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OK, Medium Superstars, Fess Up – Jimmy Doom

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Is The New Pay Cut Working for Ya?

Photo by Derick Anies on Unsplash

I’m not a Medium star, but I was following the copious suggestions and guidelines and really felt like I was building something on this little “liternet”.

Most of my traffic comes from outside sources and notoriety I had built in acting and music endeavors, but I felt like I had a future writing here.

I had begun to encourage other creative types I know who weren’t necessarily writers but who have interesting voices and expressed an interest to hop aboard.

And then…Black Monday or Friday or whatever day the hammer came down and we all did a collective “Ruh Roh” but most regular writers I follow seemed to soldier on. Well, regular writers? Was it worth it?

Did you adjust your length or style and feel like you’re gonna be okay?

Or do you feel like your dream partner just left and took your favorite comforter with them?

I kept writing my normal 100 Word Fiction stories and without monetized claps, I could have set up shop outside the liquor store and sold printed copies for a penny and made more money.

But I thought I could make up for that by publishing some longer-form short fiction. And it seems there isn’t much of an attention span for that kind of thing on here.

7 dollars and change? My Medium bags are packed, I’m just curious to know how the real money makers here are feeling? Anyone?

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