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80k a year while working at ROSS – Brian P Alvarez

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Today we are talking about time: Where you should focus your time to gain more time.

So, a few things happened recently, we went to Maui for a weekend and helped a ministry that my wife and I are heavily involved. We hosted a conference, enjoyed the views from our hotel of the beach shores, and unplugged a bit from the routine of our lives, and sadly, we left our puppy Ajo back at home.

Now during work, I had a conversation with a co-worker, and something interesting came up, which is: the commodity of time and how one should invest time to gain more time. If you don’t know, I work at Azusa Pacific University, and from time-to-time, I speak with students about their after-college-life and what they should do to ensure a great future.

In this conversation with my co-worker, we brought up an interesting idea: You place two high school students on two tracks; one will pursue the route of education and go after a 4-year degree. The other high school student will go to the nearest job opportunity by their parent’s house and work at, let’s say ROSS. Fast forward four years, the college student graduated and now has a solid degree, some internships and no job lined up yet, and not to mention the considerable student debt, let’s say an average of 60–100k.

The worker at ROSS has worked up the latter and secured a manager position and is earning from 60–80k a year. (Not a bad gig, right?) Four years is enough time to obtain a degree, as well as working up the latter at your job to make it a stable career.

Time is the difference here; both are earning a salary of 80k a year; both decisions were significant and brought back a high return. Your time is valuable!

If you are a student, you better buckle down, learn to make mistakes, discover how to be a student, and consume every opportunity that you can get. I have met so many students throughout my time here at APU, and I can only say that there is a handful that I have met that are ambitious enough to put themselves out there for a better opportunity after they graduate.

Time could be your friend or enemy. You could invest time into school and go after that 4-year degree, but if you are only doing the bare minimum as a student, you are going to be amongst the majority of graduates with nothing lined up for yourself after, trust me, I was there.

If you are not a student, then you should invest your TIME in learning, attempting, developing, and plugging-in to Youtube University to learn the things that you want to do. I started Wedding Grid with ZERO clues in app development and code, my wife and I decided to hire a third-party developer to do it for us, and yeah, I messed up a ton, lost time and money. Still, now two years later, my app is available to download, and currently, we are developing a new platform with a partnered developer.

My goal is to create more time with my loved ones, be able to work from anywhere, and decide how much time I should work with my company. My WHYS’s in everything that I do are so strong that it fuels me to work harder, learn new things, and even try new things, which could also be a weakness. For example, I have always wanted to start a coffee shop, but, that is in the back burner for now until I have reached my first financial goal, which is paying off my entire debt and retiring my parents, so if you find me at my coffee shop you’ll know that I hit my goal.

Make the time, invest your time, and work for a brighter future.

Hope you enjoyed this, please leave a review, subscribe, and I will catch you soon.

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