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What Money Can Do (It’s More Powerful Than You Think)

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Most entrepreneurs think way too small when it comes to money. They scramble to make more money to just pay off debts — or worse, they see money as purely a means to buy fancy toys. I’m challenging you to bypass both of these failures and aim higher. Yes, you can have all the fun stuff — but if your dream only includes you, it’s not big enough.

Want to make the most of your money? Then you have to see it for what it is. And believe it or not, every dollar in your account has more potential than you think.

Here are five things money can do for the serious entrepreneur.

#1 Create Speed and Scale

When you start a business, you’ve got to pay your dues. For many, this means struggling to make ends meet while your dream stays way off in the distance for the foreseeable future.

What if there’s a better way? What if you could pay your dues with cash instead of years of your time? You can.

If you’re sitting on money, stop. Protecting your current cache of cash won’t help you grow more. In fact, if you’re not using that money to build your business, you’ll burn through your money. It may take months or years, but it’ll be gone.

Instead of letting your money slowly leak out, use it to hire the right mentor. Do this, and you can experience a decade’s worth of growth in only a year.

The secret is to pick someone who has what you want and then to follow your mentor’s advice to the T. Do this and the money you tried to protect will multiply by 5X, 10X, or even 20X.

#2 Buy Back Your Time

Ever wish you had more time for the things you want to do? Stop dreaming and use your money to make it happen.

How? By hiring someone to do that stuff that slows you down. Meal prep, house cleaning, driving — the list of things you can hire people to do is endless.

And if you think you’ve got to do everything on your own, that to hire people for these tasks is lazy, consider this. Is it lazy to focus more of your time on the things that grow your business and give you pleasure? Is it lazy to pay someone to do those things that keep you from your family? Is it lazy to give someone a meaningful job and to put food on their table?

It’s not lazy. It’s smart, it’s generous, and it’s how Empire Builders operate.

Besides, the more TIME you buy back, the more MONEY you can make, and the more FUN you can stuff into your life.

#3 Retire Your Parents

How hard did your parents work to raise you? How good would it feel to tell them, “You never have to worry about anything ever again”?

Money makes that possible. It opens the door for your dad to write that book he’s always dreamed of writing. It gives your mom the ability to climb on a plane to see friends she couldn’t afford to visit.

Your parents put their hearts and souls into raising you. They dreamed you would be successful in life. They wanted nothing but good things for you.

Imagine the joy you could give them by turning your success into their well-being. You could change their lives and your own at the same time.

#4 Be the First Millionaire in Your Family

This seems like bragging, and it is on the surface. But how do you want to be remembered after you die? Do you want to be remembered at all?

I promise you — if you become the first millionaire in your family, your great-grandchildren will brag about it to their friends. And the impact you leave for them isn’t just street cred. It’s what that knowledge does for them.

My kids know my story and the hardships I went through as an immigrant. They may live comfortable lives, but my son and daughter are aware that they’re only one generation removed from poverty. Because I love them, I remind them of this often and teach them to work hard.

Once they become adults, I hope my kids are more successful than me. I hope they take what I’ve given them and multiply it

Everyone likes to talk about “inheritance” and “trust funds” but if you study the wealthiest families in the world (like I have) it’s not parental hand-outs that keep the money growing. It’s the values. It’s the stories told around the dinner table. It’s the ability to say, “This is what it means to a Rockefeller. These are the things we do to succeed.”

As the first millionaire in your family, you can inspire the next generation. You can show them that it’s possible to do great things, and you can encourage them to do even better.

#5 Impact Millions of Lives

It took money — not to mention blood, sweat, and tears — to build my business empire. But now I wake up every morning knowing that millions of people are changing their lives in Fit Body Boot Camp locations worldwide — not to mention the thousands of entrepreneurs I’ve coached and their customers.

That’s what allows me to wake up full of life every morning and sleep like a baby every night. And that’s what I want for you. To get there, you’ve got to take the call of an entrepreneur seriously and make as much money as you can.

Once you do this, you won’t struggle with whether your dreams are too big. You won’t wonder if you’re really having an impact on the world. You won’t wish you could spend more time with your kids and your partner.

You’ll start dreaming bigger, you’ll see lives change when they come in contact with you, and you’ll have the freedom to love your family like you want. All because you realized the power of money and started building your business empire to get more of it.

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