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We Sacrificed Our New Car for the Environment – Jason Weiland

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Two days ago, they came from the bank and took our car away. Yes, our credit would take a hit, and that bank wouldn’t be giving us any loans anytime soon, but we had decided we could live with these circumstances.

This was the first new car I’d owned in my whole life, and I loved driving it. It was nice to always be cool, no matter the temperature, and there was some pride involved driving that fancy vehicle around. I was sad to see it go, and I could tell from my wife’s eyes that she was upset too.

Now there is a lonely light spot on the pavement in front of our house where the car always sat. When I look out the window of my office, and I see the car is not there, I wonder if we made the right decision.

But because we don’t have the car anymore, we will get all our bills caught up within two months. Maybe now, we can invest in experiences and travel. Maybe we don’t run out of money for the last two weeks of every month.

We also have more money to buy what we need for our plant-based diet because we know that even though we made a huge impact on the environment by giving up our car, there is always more we can do.

Just because we’ve done something good doesn’t mean we can sit back and let everyone else do the hard work. The plan is to write more about this so I can help others see they can survive without their gas-guzzler. We want to tell people they can make an impact on this planet by cutting out single-use plastics and using bamboo or metal straws and utensils.

We want to tell people how hard it is on the environment for everyone to be eating so much meat. We need a new way of eating that is more sustainable.

And, we need to stop increasing our reliance on fossil fuels. We are poisoning our planet, and something drastic needs to be done.

Can you live without a car? Would you get rid of it to help the environment?

I bet if you really thought about it, the answer would be yes.

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