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Worried about flight delays? Not any more!

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Last-minute flight delays and cancellations result in huge financial and time loss. Over $60 billion are lost every year due to flight disruptions.

Using Instalocate, you can now predict the chances of flight delays and cancellations even before the airlines announce it. You can take relevant actions such as reschedule your flight, inform your cab to come late or add one more meeting in your busy schedule!

Instalocate uses advanced AI and Machine Learning to predict the chances of flight disruptions. It is based on analyzing large amounts of data in real-time. Not only, Instalocate predict the flight disruption risk but it also informs the passengers about the possible reason for the delay.

Now, you can ask Instalocate if your flight is going to be on-time or not. You can use this at the time of booking of your ticket so that you can buy the best ticket.

Just enter your flight number on and you will get to know the chances of your flight disruption.

An example:

Check out the flight delay prediction of American Airlines flight from Chicago to London.

Is my flight on-time or will it get delayed?

Instalocate tracks thousands of data points and calculates the chances of delay or cancellation of your flight.

Where is the plane? When will it reach my airport?

Instalocate keeps track of the incoming flight and if the incoming flight is likely to impact your outward flight, then Instalocate alerts the passengers about the delay risk.

Tracks the incoming flight in real-time

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