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6 Keys To A Winning Listing Presentation – Daniel Ramsey

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Your listing presentation is the single most important part of acquiring new listing clients, and for many agents it’s also the single largest hurdle they have to overcome when engaging with sellers. Most Real Estate Agents can attest to the frustration losing a listing presentation can bring, especially since planning, delivering & ultimately winning the listing isn’t something you learn in school — it’s a real world, on the job skill that you develop over time.

Once you’ve memorized your value proposition & rehearsed your pitch, you might feel that you’re 100% ready for a winning listing. Maybe — but maybe not. How can you ensure that you hit that target and walk away victorious?

  1. Do Your Research — Are you completely familiar with your prospect’s needs? Have you or your Virtual Assistant taken the time to truly find out what they truly want? Do you know their motivations? This is crucial in putting together your presentation as you want to be able to hit the points that will encourage them to go with you.
  2. Have a Strong Opening –You have a very small margin of time to grab your audience’s attention and make them want to give you their full attention. In addition to this make sure that you’re the surroundings are in good condition. Prepare your venue with little homey touches and make sure it is overall orderly and clean, this definitely plays a part in creating an environment where your prospects will be comfortable and ready to listen to what you have to say.
  3. Present Benefits Before Price — While price is definitely a key factor whilst you are presenting, make sure that each benefit is stressed before mentioning the price. Make sure to mention those points that will appeal to their wants and needs, if they are thoroughly impressed or interested, then the price will be easier to take, whatever it might be.
  4. Limit Your Comparables — Comparables are important but limit them in your presentation to 2 or 3, as you do not want to inundate your prospects with too much information, it may cause you to lose their attention and they might miss other important points you want to drive home.
  5. Risk Free Guarantee — Make your prospects feel safe. Drive the point home by showing them that while you are eager to provide your services, you are in no way “holding them hostage.” This will keep them more relaxed and less afraid to commit to you.
  6. Emphasize the Value YOU Bring — Find ways to be unique that are in tune with your style and personality. Add little personal touches to your presentation that will show truly show your prospects that you are the best person for the job. Make them feel that by choosing you and your team, they not only get a property or whatnot, but someone dedicated to giving them exactly what they want and need.

With your busy schedule, it may seem like a daunting task to hit all the points mentioned above. You could have a MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistant who can create these kinds of presentations for you and much, much more. Provided with the basic information and a clear picture of what you want, you can focus on other details and have your Virtual Assistant create exactly what you are looking for, you can prepare yourself and walk into those listing presentations and close the deal.

Did we mention that our real estate virtual assistants have templates on hand for winning presentations they can customize for you? Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today and learn more about what MyOutDesk virtual assistant services can do for you and your business.

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