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History Of Keter, The Best Golden Store Rome – Sohag Mia

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Keter Banco Metalli — Compro Oro deals with buying and selling precious metals such as gold and silver since the year 2009, gaining an experience such as to become a leading brand in the sector and a point of reference for those who want to monetize their precious objects or metals.

We buy from our customers, individuals, and traders, with immediate payments at the maximum of market valuations.

Keter Oro also provides a free evaluation service, consultancy, and expertise in the field of diamonds, gold jewelry, silver items, coins and precious stones, aimed at individuals, traders, goldsmiths, companies and bankruptcy trustees operating on behalf of the courts.

To never have any surprises and to be sure of the correct evaluation of your valuables, rely on real professionals.

Do not hesitate to contact us, fill out and print the price block form and introduce yourself in our Rome office or call us 064466777

In Keter Oro stores you will always be offered the highest real price based on the trend of precious metals on the London Stock Exchange.

What sets us apart is the transparency guaranteed for over 10 years in which the business has never had abstract names, strange acronyms or franchises but has always brought the name, surname, and face of the owner, which we challenge you to find in others sector stores.

We also invite you to read the articles in our blog, in which, in addition to explaining what happens in our stores, you will also find information on the trend of gold prices, the history, and the importance of this precious metal and all that which gravitates around the topic.

With us you can easily get rid of all those objects that you don’t want to have any more for different reasons: used silver, jewels, used watches, branded watches, etc.

We are specialists in the evaluation of silverware and brand jewels and we also buy luxury watches such as Rolex etc. (in this regard, if instead, you want to buy used jewelry, you can take a look at some of our items for sale ).

If, therefore, you are thinking of getting rid of an old watch that you no longer wear or you have to sell used jewelry and various silverware, contact us 064466777 immediately and come and visit us.

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