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10 Seconds | A Short Fiction Story, The Life of a Realtor

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10 Seconds | A Short Fiction, The Life of a Realtor

It is dark outside, the impediment of the coming storm, it’s mid-afternoon and the stormy clouds engulf the light of the sun. It slowly diminishes the frail light in the room, a fitting day indeed. The rustling of the turning pages being rifled by the wind shatters the silence that lingers in the air. A small sigh leaps out of his mouth, his arms folded tightly across his chest, his toe-tapping a staccato rhythm and all the while staring at the woman across her. He couldn’t sit still, he is anything but ambled as he silently squirmed in his chair.

His office was still and quiet muffled by the rustling sound of the papers and the ticking of the clock unaware of the hurried footsteps outside. Then there was tapping on the window and the murmur of the rain began. The orchestrated rhythm of the rain beats a gentle sound as he bounces on his flexing feet and rubs his hands together hidden under the table. Both occupants of the room were oblivious of the tumultuous batter of rain, equally concentrated on what’s ahead. Even when a booming violent sound cracked in the distance and a bolt of lightning shattered the stillness of the room, they didn’t flinch.

His eyes wander to and fro from the woman and the pen idling the paper. In that split second before the pen touches the paper, he glances on the clock mounted on the wall behind his desk, the ticking mocking him. He didn’t see the wary smile that surfaced from the woman’s mouth or when her brows knit in a frown while the pen hovers the surface of the contract.

His thoughts are dancing in infinite directions, wandering a path where the destination is beautiful and warm. The joy and the warmth made his heartbeat in an ambient steady rhythm as his smile grew of its own accord slowly guiding him back to reality. He needed this sale in as much desperation as drought needed rain.

The concussive sound of the pen marking to a full stop had the room stand still. Is it done? After months of negotiation, is the deal finally closed?

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