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Forget College, I Made $100,000 Online And It Was Easily More Instructive

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Think about it. The business cycle goes like this:

Idea → Product → Marketing → Sales → Value Delivery

Something like that. There’s more to it, but that’s the basic gist.

When you sell an online course, you have to go through all those steps.

The steps require a crap ton of skills.

For instance, you need to be insightful enough to see a gap your online course can fill. This requires knowledge of your sector, which takes years of patience to develop. Then you need to create the damn thing, which takes discipline, and organization. People really downplay the importance of being organized, by the way. It may be more important than everything else. Then you need to market it, which takes a certain, I don’t know, likeableness to achieve — not to mention a great deal of strategic thinking.

Then comes sales. Sales requires good communication. It also requires confidence, which takes time to develop, trust me.

Value delivery requires empathy. Loads of it. We call salespeople “smarmy” when they sell us something that doesn’t deliver. You need to give a damn about people to deliver past expectations. To do this, I basically ask myself “What would Walt Disney do?”

I’m serious.

I just gave you 10 skills you need to be absolutely proficient at to succeed with online courses. That’s only a start. It’s just you doing it, mind you, so you must possess them all — and these skills need to play in harmony with one another if you want to succeed.

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