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How much do New York City Employees get paid in Overtime ?

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How much do New York City Employees get paid in Overtime ?

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While sifting through datasets available on NYC Open Data portal , I found one titled Citywide Payroll Data that was created by the Office of Payroll Administration (OPA) in 2015 and last updated November of this year.This dataset provided raw data on what city agency employees are getting paid, how much overtime hours they work and how much is paid out in overtime per fiscal year. I figured to look deeper into this data because who doesn’t want to know more about how NYC spends its money? To begin my research, I began to sort through the dataframe and drop the unessential columns that included NYC employees personal information. I wanted to look closer at overtime hours worked, overtime hours paid and which city agencies have the most share of overtime. In my data analysis, you will be able to see the various methods I used to get my findings. I was able to find the agencies with the most overtime hours worked. With no surprise, NYC Police and Fire Department logs the most overtime hours of all NYC agencies and followed by the Department of Sanitation.

I wanted to crosscheck my findings by comparing the agencies who paid the most in overtime with the agencies who had the most overtime hours logged to be sure there were no discrepancies in these two items.

Lastly, I looked at which employees get paid the most in overtime by looking at their title description. I found that there is hardly any variety in the employees who receive overtime pay.

It is not surprising the level of enforcement needed to deter crime in New York City given the it’s history with terror attacks and the juxtaposition between wealth and poverty in this city. Yet, my discoveries only leads me to think of crime and enforcement in the context of government spending. Should the Police and Fire Department hire more workers instead of spending excess amounts of money in overtime pay? The idea is worth exploring. In fact, the idea is worth nearly $2 billion.

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