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How To Get The Best Crypto Signals— Ghost Elite – GhostVision

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You want signals, I want signals we are all here to make money right?

But, what are the real benefits of joining a signal group? and why have we created the Ghost Elite group?

Your success or failure in trading depends much more on your thoughts and feelings than your trading system.

It depends on your attitudes toward gain and risk, fear and greed, and how you handle the excitement of trading and risk.

To be a winner in the market you must know yourself and master your emotions, and it takes sometimes years to master.

Here are the top human weaknesses for successful trading:

Outcome bias — humans judge a decision based on the outcome, rather than how the decision was made. For example: If you win a lot of money gambling all your net worth, it doesn’t mean that was a smart thing to do.

Outcome bias is a very dangerous effect for traders because it can lead to wrong assumptions about how trading works. If a trader abandons his trading plan and takes a random trade based on “gut feeling” or pure guessing, but finds himself in a winning trade, he might believe that he doesn’t need a trading plan and developed some sense about how markets move, whereas, in reality, it was pure luck. Therefore, never deviate from your trading plan and always stick to your trading rules.

Overconfidence — humans have a tendency to think they are a bit better than the other person, a bit smarter, a bit more beautiful and so on.

Overconfidence is dangerous in trading and there is proof as other traders have lost all their trading capital but people are still confident it won’t be the same for them, I’ve seen this over and over again, and no those people who have lost their trading capital were not stupid and most probably much smarter than you.

Remember: Isaac Newton was a genius, but even he lost millions in the stock market

Information Bias is a tendency to seek additional information when it does not change the outcome more information is not always better.

When traders encounter losses, they believe it is their fault and that there are certain things he doesn’t know, but could prevent him from taking losses next time. Therefore, traders go and continue looking for the holy grail while they already hold all the information they need to be a successful trader, just sit & trade.

Being aware of how your brain works when trading is a key element on the way to becoming a profitable trader and it helps you avoid some of the most common trading traps.

I can give you the best trading system that I know is profitable and use it myself but you will trade it unprofitably because of your emotions and common human psychological traps.

Our group is here to support you in that journey, the traps and the common mistakes are common and joining Ghost Elite is just a faster way to become and to get the support you need so you can be a profitable trader.

To be a good trader you need to do a trading journal and it’s a different topic to keep yourself accountable which is hard to do by yourself. It’s very similar to how reinforcement learning in AI works to be great at trading you have to make mistakes over and over again and you learn from those mistakes as you do them.

Joining Ghost Elite is a shortcut build upon years of mistakes to avoid mistakes and to avoid losing money, That’s why being part of a Ghost Elite provides you with the best feedback loop to be successful trader right now and not in a couple of years.

I could have just started by saying we have the best signals, and we do because they are based on years of expiration in technical analysis by experienced profitable traders with proven track records.

But signals alone won’t help you make money because you’re the one behind the wheels and the moment you feel fear or greed you start making mistakes or change the plan, so the biggest benefit is we are there to also make sure you don’t do them stay on track of profitable habits.

1. We Have The Best Signals

Signals quality matter — let’s be honest talk is cheap and same for the signals are they backed by real trades or just wishful thinking? Our group signals are only VALID if you’re taking a position and put your money behind your talk.

Crypto Ghost — Has been trading cryptocurrencies for the last 3 years and stocks before that for a total 10+ years of active trading, He quit his job around 10 year ago to pursue trading and investments full time, His experience and proven track record of over $1MM+ lifetime profits in Crypto is very impressive, Co-founder of GhostVision.

Crypto Doctor — AI & Machine Learning engineer with around the same 10 years of trading & investment experience, much more focused on fully automatic trading systems and has over 10 different live short & long trading systems for with an impressive average of 100% returns with a maximum of 25% drawdown annually. Co-founder of GhostVision.

2. Learn From The Best In Trading Crypto

We have been doing it for years, good trading is actually boring people don’t realize how often sometimes you have to wait for a good trade, having a community of the best people in trading giving us an opportunity to grow our weaknesses. Provide insights, tricks and be more profitable.

3. Get a Second, Third and Fourth Opinion Regarding Your Trades

Unsure about taking a trade? We have people with opinions worth listening to you won’t be able to find this anywhere else, Ghost Elite members don’t have time to chit-chat but a quick message to fellow members is not a problem especially if we are looking to make good trades together.

4. Don’t Miss The Greatest Opportunities

There is just 1–2–3 times in a year massive dumps or pumps that can make or break your whole year, more eyes, more experience on the screens and your chances of catching the big wave increase ten-fold.

Check our website for more in detail information about GhostVision and GhostElite, check our youtube channel to see our live trading with GhostVision.

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