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Pathetic way of looking at money. – Naimul Islam Mihad

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The concept of money or wealth is complex. The argument will go on if money can buy happiness or not. Many agree with this, many do not. One thing I have realized after not having money in my pocket, that is, money in your pocket is like hemoglobin in your blood. It is a soul-like figure in your body. Without this, you are a soulless ghost.

Moreover, the mood of the people in front of you will be determined by the money you have in your pocket. It makes people talk to you with a smiling or grumpy face. It may ignite the ecstatic mood in a person or make him/her completely gloomy. Doesn’t it tell you about how much care they have for you?

Therefore, money in your pocket helps you know your worth. It will shout at you “you don’t matter”. You will see your existence will mean nothing without money. Nowadays people are hardly able to distinguish a human being from his possession. They confuse human beings with what they have. Maybe they do it intentionally. That’s why most people ask you “what is your profession” or “what do you do?” instead of “how are you?” Thus they determine how much respect they should show you. I would suggest you hide your real profession from that kind of person. Say something lower than what you really do.

However, people may say “you should not judge one based on the money he has”. Nevertheless, we are doing exactly the opposite of this. They don’t mean what they say. It has become a trend not to mean what you say. We say speeches like that because it shows our insight. We do it for rhetoric purposes.

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