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You owe it to your clients AND to yourself to read this

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At HomeSec, one of the major points of difference is our speed and our ability to do same day settlements.

There is a huge market for brokers to tap into, by being able to assist clients who need to settle on a property purchase either the same day or within 24 hours!

Builders in particular have a habit of purchasing real estate without getting pre-approvals, only to then experience delays from not having their financials up to date, or some other delay created by their bank. (this happens A LOT more just before Christmas)

Next thing they know, they’re in rescission, and could lose their entire deposit and the profit they stand to make on the project. Don’t let this happen to your client!

We’re now in that hectic time of year, with just over 3 weeks until Christmas.

We have brokers making well over $20k a month by sending secured busness loans to HomeSec to fund in 24 hours. So put the word out to clients that you are The Broker with the Solutions, and earn yourself a tidy pre-Christmas bonus or two.

We fund BUSINESS CAVEAT LOANS from $20k to $2m, and 12 MONTH 2ND MORTGAGES in just 24 hours, Australia wide. Pretty much all we need is enough equity in real estat, and a business purpose. We don’t need to see cashflow, we don’t do valuations, and bad credit scors, loan arrears and tax debts are no problem for us.

Best of all, the average loan amounts tend to be a lot higher with us. Last month, our average settled loan amount was $390,000 and the average brokerage was 3.4%

So call our BDMs and find out how you can get in on this too!

Now let’s start turning leads into cash. As always, if you have ANY questions of require more product information, please call our BDM team on 1300 93 83 87 today.

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