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Teachers Can Expand Their Earnings Beyond The Classroom

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If you have enough teaching experience under your belt, then you more than likely have accumulated a collection of lesson plans, teaching tools, class handouts, and other resources that aid you during your class lectures. I suggest taking inventory of all of these self created resources, and then ask yourself the following question. Would the resources that you’ve created be just as helpful to other teachers as they are to you? If so, then you may be able to monetize these resources and I’ll tell you how.

There are online marketplaces and communities where teachers can share or even sell their resources to other teachers. If you have some resources that you are willing to share with other teachers, resources that would make their jobs easier, you may be surprised at how many teachers would be willing to pay you for those resources, and there are websites that have been created specifically for this purpose. Let’s look at a few.

Amazon Ignite — Amazon’s platform for educational content creators to connect with Amazon customers and sell their original teaching resources.

Edge Galaxy — the owner of this blog buys lesson plans & teaching resources.

Faculty Books — this site will buy your instructor edition textbooks.

Hoot of Loot — buy or sell used teaching supplies & materials.

Lesson Plan Shop — an online marketplace where teachers can buy, sell, or share their lesson plans.

Made By Teachers– this is a platform where teachers can actually open up there own online store for free, and sell all those self created teaching resources.

Mathsarc — through this website, both teachers & students can sell books, video lectures, courses, and exams.

Mooclab — online marketplace and community where study resources, guides and practices tests or quizzes can be sold by both teachers & students.

Peertopia — marketplace where educators can buy and sell digital classroom content.

Pro Profs — on this website, teachers can sell their quizzes & exams.

Sell Back Your Book– this site will buy your used, teacher’s edition textbooks when you no longer need them.

Slide Geeks — platform where teachers can sell their PowerPoint presentations and templates.

Teacher Sherpa — this website is a bit different than the rest of the others in this list. Instead of selling resources, teachers simply contribute their resources to the community for which they can be paid up to $1.00 per download.

Teachers Pay Teachers — online marketplace where teachers can buy and sell original educational materials.

Teachers Trading — marketplace for teachers to buy and sell teaching materials.

Tes — online community where teachers can sell their original teaching resources to other teachers.

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