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Breakfast links: Enjoy the New Year at one of the region’s First Hike events

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Parks across the region host First Hike events

State and county parks across the Washington region hosted First Hike events for the new year. In Fairfax County, Virginia, alone, five parks hosted hiking events.  (Kate Ryan / WTOP)

A pedestrian was struck and killed in DC

On New Year’s Day, a driver struck and killed a pedestrian at the intersection of Minnesota Ave and L’Enfant Square SE and fled the scene.  (Teta Alim / WTOP)

Maryland’s bridge and tunnel tolls will be automated

Maryland plans to stop accepting cash tolls at its bridges and tunnels, leaving toll collectors to think of new career paths. Maryland has already stopped hiring full-time toll collectors.  (Colin Campbell / Post)

VA shopping centers could soon have open-container access

Under a new bill introduced to the Virginia General Assembly, more shopping center developments would qualify for open-container access. The proposed law would broaden the definition of “commercial lifestyle center.”   (Rebecca Cooper / WBJ)

What’s the fate of artifacts at the Newseum?

The Newseum closed its doors for good on Tuesday. According to a Newseum spokesperson, artifacts from the Newseum will be transported to a storage facility in Maryland or put on loan.  (Michael E. Ruane / Post)

Montgomery County residents view affordable housing as a major issue

A recent survey commissioned by the Apartment and Office Building Association of Greater Washington showed at many Montgomery County residents thought supply and affordability were major housing concerns. About 53% of respondents thought that growth in the region was good.  (Kate Masters / Bethesda Magazine)

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