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a fortiori: for a stronger reason.

a posteriori: after the fact.

a priori: before the fact.

ad hoc: for this purpose.

ad infinitum: to infinity.

ad nauseam: to a sickening degree.

bona fide: in good faith.

carpe diem: seize the day.

caveat emptor: buyer beware.

ceteris paribus: everything else constant.

curriculum vitae: the course of one’s life.

de facto: in reality.

de jure: by right.

e.g. (exempli gratia): for example.

ergo: therefore.

etc. (et cetera): and so forth.

in absentia: in absence.

ipso facto: by that very fact or act.

i.e. (id est): it is

Lingua franca: common language of business.

magna cum laude: with great distinction.

magnum opus: a great work.

modus operandi: method of operating.

mutatis mutandis: with the necessary changes having been made.

pax: period of stability, or peace.

pecunia non olet: money has no odor.

per annum: by the year.

per capita: by heads, per person.

per diem: by the day.

per se: by itself.

persona grata: a person that is welcome.

persona non grata: a person that is unwelcome

post mortem: occurring after death.

prima facie: valid at first impression.

pro forma: for the sake of form.

quid pro quo: something for something.

sine qua non: absolutely indispensable.

summa cum laude: with highest distinction.

tabula rasa: blank slate.

vice versa: in reverse.

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