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5 Common Answers People Give When You Ask for Money That Means Opposite

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This is good news! If you get this response, you are almost there. You are very likely to get the money if you don’t mess it up.

The real jackpot there is that they mentioned the exact amount in dollars (or what your native currency is). When the person you are talking to is not afraid to mention the amount back to you, it is a very good sign. Like saying; I don’t think I can give you $50,000. If you hear something like that, you are close.

The other jackpot is the 2 words “don’t think”. That means that they actually can. But you need to finish the job, otherwise, you won’t get the money. This answer really means:

I want to give you this money, but I really need to see something that can further convince me

In other words, they are telling you to stop the stories and present some actual substance. They want a kind of proof or guarantee. They want to be able to see something that gives them the confidence to give you the money. And this is different things to different people depending on the situation.

Some people want to be proud of what they did with their money that they can tell their friends about it. Some just want to see a legal proof that you are serious. Some want something they can hold on to that their money is coming back. If you can figure out what that is, you will get the money.

After hearing a response like this, you can ask a question to get you closer to the money. The best way is to initially try to anticipate the answer, like this:

If I show you X and give you Y, will that make any difference?

If they are caught aback or hesitate for a moment, you have won already. If they immediately start rambling with responses, then ask this question:

What can I show you (or give you) that will change your mind and give me X dollars today?

That question could be dangerous and send you back to square one. But if it doesn’t, it will lead you home.

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