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I Saved $3668 in January 2020 – Road To Financial Freedom

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For the past months, my savings rate has not been great. This is due to the fact that I am paying both rent and mortgage.

Hopefully, I will be moving in soon so I can add my current rent payment to my savings.

On the income side, January was a solid month due to the extra days worked and is likely to be one of my top months in 2020.

For the record, I do not have a fixed income like most people and I can easily have 10 to 15% fluctuations month-over-month.

Below are my 2019 saving results:

So as we can see, I ended 2019 with an average saved amount of $3725 per month.

In January I was able to save $3668. This is within my average of 2019 due to the conversion EURUSD.

However, I have an ambitious goal of saving $50K in 2020. This translates to $4167 per month and I could not beat the expected result.

One of the main reasons why I did fail my monthly goal, was that I had some extra expenses with the car I am planning to sell.

I am selling it and I had to do some maintenance to put it up for sale. Hopefully, I will be able to sell it fast so I can get extra money soon.

In January I was not able to add as my investment accounts. Most of the money went to a savings account due to the fact that I need money to pay the last part of the apartment, kitchen, and furniture.

If you are curious about my portfolio distribution, please check here.

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I am fully focused on improving my financial life and I take it as a step-by-step process.

In 2020, I will continue to track all my financials. I make it a monthly ritual. It is true it takes time, but I do like the visibility it gives me over my personal finance.

How much are you saving each month? Share your goal with me in the comments below.

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