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Where you should Invest in 2020?

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In 2015, the real estate market report estimated that the industry is worth $700 billion and it is increasing at a fast pace. Also, the real estate industry constitutes around 2 percentage of the country’s GDP.

The net worth and contribution in GDP show that real estate is the future of Pakistan and it has the potential to improve the economy of Pakistan.

Not only real estate is a safe investment opportunity, but it is also a great way to earn profits in the longer run.

In Pakistan, people usually invest in the following real estate categories:

  • Houses.
  • Flats.
  • Commercial spaces.
  • Plots.

If you want to comprehend the dimensions and area of your plot, head to plot size conversion in Pakistan.

There are two terminologies that you often hear in the real estate market: plot and plot files.

Sadly, people are not aware of the differences between plot and plot files. They think it’s the same thing but in reality, both terms are poles apart from one another.

People cannot differentiate between plots and plot files.

People think that these two terms are synonyms and can be used interchangeably. However, this is not the case.

Plot and plot files are two separate entities with their own set of characteristics.

If you are someone who is planning to invest in a plot or a plot file, you should have an in-depth and clear understanding of the two terms.

In this article, we bring you key points of both terms (plot and plot files), so that you can compare and contrast between the two when you go out to invest in any of these.

According to Business Dictionary, the plot is measured parcel of land

Plots are immovable properties that can be of any size. People purchase a plot for two reasons:

  1. To construct something on it such as a house, shop, flats vice versa.
  2. To resale it when the prices appreciate over time.

In short, if you are looking for a short term investment in real estate, plots might be a good option for you. It requires low maintenance cost and it is easier to sell-off.

Apart from plots, people also invest in plot files.

A plot file is an area that is not balloted yet. It may or may not be on the ground. Usually, the possession of plot files is not given out by the builder/developer/authority.

People usually invest in plot files because plot files are cheaper. However, an important factor that people usually ignore is that plot files come with great risk and high chances of fraud.

Plot files are intangible and have no physical presence. Their worth is limited to the paper only. Commonly, housing schemes issue plot files to the people as a sign of commitment.

For instance, suppose there is a housing scheme that has 500 units to sell. However, they issue an additional 500 units in the form of plot files. So, in a nutshell, the plot file is a commitment that ensures that people who own those files will be given a plot after some time (usually in the span of 2 to 4 years).

If you are interested in cheap long term investment, plot files might be the option for you.

Usually, plot files are not credible. If you are planning to purchase a plot file, only consider the files that are approved by the development authorities. If there is no stamp of the authorities on your plot file, you must not purchase it because its legitimacy is questionable.

For instance, if you reside in Islamabad, only consider the plot files that have a stamp from LDA (Lahore development authority).

An absence of the stamp means that the development authorities do not control or monitor the property and they will not be responsible for your loss.

Always, ALWAYS, invest in plot files that have been balloted by the development authorities.

The term balloting was generally used for assigning plot numbers to the allottee for a said project in Pakistan Real Estate. In General, ballot means “decide the allocation of (something) to applicants by drawing lots.”

Balloting is a commitment between a party and the developer. In short, if your plot file has been balloted, it is okay to invest in those plot files.

These were some key points about plots and plot files that you must keep in mind before making any sort of investment. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.

None of the information published in this article should be construed as investment advice. We strongly advise our readers to always do their due diligence before investing in any project. It is the reader’s responsibility to know the laws regarding investments in their region.

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